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“Should you care to write (and only the saints know why you should) you need to have knowledge of the art and magic of the music of words, the art of being artless and the magic of loving your readers” ~Gibran



Art opens doors

Without truth we are blind

Stumbling over lies


Behold nature

art in its purist form

Truth will set you free

“When you reach the heart of life you shall find beauty in all things, even in the eyes that are blind to beauty” ~Gibran


This prompt from Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem is Truth and Gibran’s truth add inspiration.



Why I Left My Heart in San Francisco #poetry #photography

Palace of Fine Arts ~ L. Moon 2010

memories of a child

filtered through the glass of the rainbow

stained and etched color jubilee

standing on a rocking bench

bay wind lashing clothes and hair

no thought that the waves

and you so wee

could make you its bobbing captive

Memories of a child

filtered through the glass of the rainbow

grasping for the end of the stars

dancing to the ringing chimes

of the bell calling out through the fog

ride me to the end of the line

those jaunty cable cars

catch the end of tomorrow

Memories of a child

filtered through the glass of the rainbow

feeding squirrels her task

Golden Gate park their chosen home

It’s It dripping through small fingers it's it

The Art Deco pavilion a staid lady

musical notes of the past in her grasp

a view of a garden paradise

Memories of a child

filtered through the glass of the rainbow

never letting go

the sounds and smells

of the city she loves best

her heart is left behind

pressed in the pages of a living album

San Francisco

her city – her home

photograph of Edwin Deakin’s painting ~ 1915

Artwork: Edwin Deakin

Photographer: Thanks to Mark James Miller for allowing public domain access to this work

“Palace of Fine Arts” © L. Moon

Reflection #atozchallenge #sanfrancisco #napomo


A solitary figure looking

listening for you in the silent waters

For one moment I heard young  laughter

inspired by you


a much younger me

You  robed in wisdom

crowned in silver

we dance and sing

fairies from a younger time


discovery of cherished yellowed memories

reach into the blue

trace the reflection of you and I

ripples of giggles

I harken to new sounds of glee

grateful for the cycle of life

standing still I embrace you and I

at the Palais


It has been a joy to look into the reflection of the work of others over the past month of A to Z challenge where there are rare and beautiful treasures (writings and people). Please enjoy a memory that I pulled from a reflection into the past.

Photography: Palace of Fine Arts L. Moon 2010 ( believe it or not that is an iphone shot)