Roots #atozchallenge #poetry


Deeply rooted

spring soil welcomes new life

sodden past


sun smiles knowingly

discarded tiger lilies

age-old struggle


old life removed

nature taunts failure

can’t dig away pain


This set of haiku shared with  A to Z Challenge for the letter R as well as Poets United Mid week Motif – this week’s prompt Poets United

What can be more organic than haiku written while I was standing in the soil. As I was digging yesterday, I grabbed my phone, took pictures of the roots I have dug up for 4 years and I wrote about my struggle on my (now grimy) notepad.


All That’s Left #photography #memories #loved one #death

What do you hold on to of the past? What memories do you cling to?


I feel her walk  in a whisper

scent of fresh linen wafts past

the crinkle of parchment

an old lighthearted  laugh

“Lavendar Blue”

through an old RCA

the taste of black licorice

and squeezed lemonade 

transport me back

to the ways of old

where the things black and white

were in stories you told

I clasp all that I have

a sepia of you

the memories inside

will have to get me through

Belly Up To The Bar #wordpressdailypost

Three people walk into a bar…

Three people arrived at the same spot at the same time though they did not know each other nor were they familiar with the bar. Each wore a dumbfounded look and carried a slip of paper. The tall one with an unassuming smile said “well I guess we were intended to meet one another here. Why? I have no idea but maybe we can solve this riddle.”

The other two were more taken aback by their surroundings. The confident one led the way to a booth. The one who was the most tentative looked at his attire then at what the locals were wearing. He knew he was out of his element. He checked something in his hand “no service” was all it said. He also noted that the silent one was eyeing him. “Yes, your clothing need a bit of updating as does your overall look.”

“Ok I get it. You are from the past and you I take it are from the future. But what I don’t know is what do we do now?” The man from the present was now tongue tied.


Today’s Daily Post “Fill in the blank”  prompt from WordPress  is: “Three people walk into a bar…”

Weekly Photo Challenge – “Change” #WordPress #photography #poetry #napowrimo

Change can re-route our present and our past


I look upon this place
now touching its past
a bridge traversed
where waters ran fast
they’ve re-routed life
though they wouldn’t say
too long to wait
no time to stay

This is a photograph and poem inpsired by this week’s WordPress photochallenge – Change

Photograph: “Angles” copyright L. Moon 2013

Learn From the Past #americana #microfiction #poetry

We can learn so much from history and those who forged their way through it…


White wash will cover

mute it away

hide the reminder

agedness and decay


 an old wizened face

 all knowing eyes

there is life and history

no paint can disguise


more things than saw

behind the facade

a life, a story

so much had gone on


if you try to separate

life from this place

you will miss what has happened

it will be a disgrace


for when it was young

a beauty you’d see

a family, animals

 life-giving trees


Now listen and learn

from vine-covered wood

a tale, antiquity

where history stoically stood

Check out  the group of  Micro-Fiction writers at Friday Fictioners and the wonderful weekly picture prompts like this fantastic barn shot!

Resolution #photography #haiku #poetry

How does one change in a New Year? Toss all your yesterday’s away!!!

winter woods

Too frozen to feel

Cold lens viewing bitter pain

In resolve to change


In resolve to change

Cast the past into the wind

Toss yesterday away


Toss yesterday away

replaced with hope’s tomorows

Gone – discordant song

Photograph: “Winter Woods” copyright 2012 L. Moon

Graced by Her Face

It looked back at me

from an earlier time

Who is she?

The lips curled in a familiar smile

It was not so long ago

that we shared this face

come on a journey

with your fingers trace

Little ones holding hands

laughter filling the air

never put away

the love that you freely shared

 This was a practice piece for a portrait my mother did of my son and I.

 Memories fill the air when you look back on the past and who you once were.

Thanks to G-Man for hosting yet another week of Flash Fiction where the only thing that gets between you and a masterpiece is the number of words you are allotted. Happy Friday!

***To those of you who are faithful friends and writers – please forgive my absence over the past several months. I am in the midst of a major change. I am enjoying the life of a transient and though my writing abounds my time when a computer is available does not.

A Look at the Past #flashfiction

When you look back at memories let the fragrance live on though the past may be only memories.

…A moment

A memory…

That was all there was.

“Look back it’s our fragrant past but sadly not our promising future.”

A tear streamed down her face

knowing she had misplaced an old friend’s plans.

He had waited all these years to hear

“you broke my heart once there is nothing left to hold dear.”

Photo: “Lonely Bench” L. Moon copyright 2011

Each Thursday night 8pm EST there is an opportunity to share with others your work of flash fiction. It’s short, it’s only 55 words, it’s a challenge. So instead of your Sudoku for Friday try a flash fiction hosted by G-Man aka Mr. Know it All.

Faith & Entropy

Gud skaper noko nytt ved sitt Ord og sin Ande, vi kan ta imot det i tru og få oppleve at han gjer sitt verk med oss. Hans skaparkraft verkar konstuktivt i våre liv og skaper noko som er verdifullt for oss. Naturkreftene verkar nedebrytande, i fylgje entropilova, men Gud er Ånd og det som er født av hans Ande består. Jesu frelsesverk er fullbrakt og fullkome. Han er den siste Adam, som er ifrå himmelen og som for oss har vorte ei livgjevande ånd. Han gjev oss den Heilage Ande frå himmelen av berre nåde. Han gjev oss det evige livet.


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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