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Do you ever feel as though the world can pass you by ignoring all signs of distress???

Window – Holocaust Museum

I look from a point of no reprieve

behind the pained glass window

light flickers in the trees

people pass smiling as they go

it feels like?

looks like?


I breathe in – precarious I’m standing

little oxygen

less understanding

this lack makes my head spin

it feels like?

looks like?


I plaster my face to the glass

can’t they see inside

what of them should I ask

as they travel quickly by

it feels like?

looks like?


I wonder does it matter

flailing against the glass

they watch as the pain does  shatter

looking upon bloodied ruin as they pass

it feels like?

looks like?


Photograph “Holocaust Window” L. Moon copyright 2012

Lonely but not alone #flashfiction

you whisper into the night

“I am lonely”

…look into the skies

behold stars twinkle

trying to warm you

a hawk crys out

it longs to be heard by you

a fountain bubbles

tries to wash over you

hands reach out

to be held by you

the corners of your mouth curl

smiling at life

When YOU’rE Strange … #poem

She opened the door

to the inside of his mind

unable to shut it

for a better look, inside she climbed


Strange shapes, sounds, and colors

whirling in a midnight blue

mirror reflections made her mind spin

unable to find anything to hold on to


She opened her mouth to scream

all that came out were poppies

orange, red, purple, yellow

and they were singing in old jalopies


what they were singing she couldn’t tell

then she heard Jim Morrison’s voice

talking about  people

and she knew she had no choice


but to be added to the myriad of strange people

laced together with words…

Today on One Stop Poetry we are celebrating Jim Morrison of The Doors.  Come join us and jump in to the place of STRANGE…

 Thanks to Lachlan Rogers for the photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/lachlanrogers/2876937929/

Didn’t They Know… (Flash Fiction)

If she could breathe fresh air

maybe she’d be ok

If she could see sky

maybe she’d see another day

If only people realized

she needed something they couldn’t provide

Photo by Elena Lagana


Every sunday we do a Flash Fiction in 160 characters with Monkey Man. Join us for the fun challenge.


I look at a reflection

what do I see there?

it appears somewhat uncertain

of my feelings

are you aware?


What is important

is people in my life

they help so much with meaning

simply put

things are less contrived


I once more face dilemma

it hasn’t been the first

acquiesce on what matters

for dissension

I have no thirst


If only you could view me

from another way

that view through the mirror

might reveal

my thoughts this day

Photo:  Sister  72 (Creative Commons)


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


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