Happy Birthday -Robert Doisneau French Photographer #photography #napowrimo

“Never thought teacher would ask me for the answer. Now what do I do???”

Now then a little rain never hurt anyone. My Stradivarius on the other hand needs a perfectly balanced humid environment – not rain!

“They all heard about my magnificent ice cream. Cue up, ladies first.”

“New in town?”

“you need a new pick up line.”

“Nope- will never need one again…”


Le_Baiser_de_lHotel_de_Ville Robert Doisneau

The photographer what does he see?

lover’s embrace

a little girl’s dreams of the sea

or  is it a far off  land

or a tucked away place

close at hand

Celebrate the beauty that a photographer catches through his world. Robert Dosineau was a master at making an everyday scene look poetic.

Happy Birthday Robert!!