Oodles of Planes #smithsonian #photography




All ages

captivated by flying

out of air


When I think of prolific I think of the number of aircraft at the Annual Innovations in Flight.  From Hot air balloons to planes that break the sound barrier, it’s a great day spent at Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum in Chantilly Northern Virginia.

Set this day aside if your love old cars, old aircraft, history and a fun day.  This year it will be held on June 16th. Did I mention that it is FREE??? The only cost is for parking. Please join us for prolific amount of AIR!!!!


This week’s wordpress photo prompt is prolific


A Nightmare #911 #poem

Awakened in the mourn

Memory from Hell

Remembered too well

How could it be?

surrreal they fly

Flames from planes

Screams in the smoke

Extinguished too soon

Shake the dead

Ghosts of years

Resigned to memorials

Personal tears

Where our fears

This fateful day

Place them on hope

Chase sorrows away

An excellent series of photos chronicling 911 events http://www.september11news.com/AttackImages.htm

A normal day in September (9/11 – micro fiction)

It was a normal day

sun rose

children walked to school

employees drank coffee

sky darkened

planes raced

toward their

resting place

September 11

would never be the same

Each Sunday Monkey Man hosts a Micro-fiction in 160 characters. It’s a great challenge. Join us.

An adventure with you!!! (Flash Fiction in 55)

Checking each part of you.

Running my hands down your spine.

Nothing out of line

Your skin  – perfect

I hear the wind blow past.

The energy between us is one.

Everyday an adventure with you.

“Clear” – turn her up!”

I never tire of the roar of the engine as the prop blade spins effortlessly.

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