All the Right Ingredients #poetry #photography

  missing is your smile like a warm summer ray when the doves come to nest and the squirrels jump and play empty are my hands once filled with sweet dough melty good your cookies  so hard to let you go unfilled is the space that lies within my heart never can replace love thatContinue reading “All the Right Ingredients #poetry #photography”

Rainy Day #poetry

Scattered about by big raindrops little feet water puddles seek some under hoods umbrellas hide  creatures burrow wait for God’s rainbow Shared with Poet’s United Poets Pantry. The picture of the rainbow I found years ago and I dont know who to attribute the beauty to.

Ripples of Life #poetry #photography

  (archived 9/5/ 2012) You have to fall in love and lose it to really know love at all you have to wish on a star and hold it to catch the dust as it falls you have to give with your whole heart  to embrace the weak and the small you have to beContinue reading “Ripples of Life #poetry #photography”

A Garden of Verse #poetry

  I thumb through the archives unfold fiddleback of verse and the more anticipation  the more memories I traverse that poem written with a tear that one in-between a kiss hold each  discarded petal not wanting the meaning to miss I live between the stanzas in a garden you can’t see connect the dots together theContinue reading “A Garden of Verse #poetry”

Peony #poetry

She comes to the party in her finest walks with an elegant swoosh through the door all about in formal black white attire no one sees smile down-turned toward the floor all eyes are on this girl,  filled with spirit her feet are tired as she leaves the dance floor all hearts filled with love forContinue reading “Peony #poetry”

The Beauty in Difference #devotion #poetry

I was wild  a little daring boldly wearing magenta in a sea of green standing tall at the close of spring the thing was no one knew my name they knew the pansies, marigolds, lobelia I heard one flower proclaim “she’s a beauty for a weed she should be removed who knows if she willContinue reading “The Beauty in Difference #devotion #poetry”

A Day When the Sun Never Rose #Dec7 #pearlharbor #history #poem

A Sunshine Day In paradise Suddenly Deliberately An Attack On Freedom War Engages *** While many were sleeping others would be laid to an eternal rest at the bottom of a harbor floor no satin lined casket mother nor lover planted a last kiss your bodies  more water than man *** on this day of memoriesContinue reading “A Day When the Sun Never Rose #Dec7 #pearlharbor #history #poem”


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