Sigh #poets #photography


grappled with your verse

making much sense

turned them over in my head

all the things that you’d said

your blue was grey

my yellow faded away

we loved the same

I caressed your name

lost in your prose

how you did it who knows

“we never met” I sigh

 I live between your lines


two women poets

changing seasons kept  apart

loved the same man


Where is Tomorrow??? #devotion #poetry #photography

love me calla

What shelf is broad enough

to place my burdens and my pains?

what jug deep, wide and stout

my tears won’t wash away?

Where can I lay my head

a little rest to gain?

your hand I reach for in the night

and beg you please to stay


I wander in the shadows now

not sure what tomorrow brings

but this my cry into the night

I will not fail to sing

my voice no longer is in tune

(tho) you hear with no hindering

I smile because I know you care

you bear me on broad wings

This poem is written to encourage any of you who feel too weak to raise your head off the pillow of sorrow, loneliness or pain.

Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him…

 Psalm 37:7

On God my salvation and my glory rest; The rock of my strength, my refuge is in God.

Psalm 62:7

Be still black back


 Today – I’d like to share this with Poet’s Pantry and GodVerse.

Moonlit Glow #poetry # #photography


Gazing into moonlit glow

Inspired, I pause

Entranced by ethereal beauty

There is something  inside

Makes me want to sing

No solitary song is hers

She that has captivated for centuries

What can a mere mortal bestow?

Gazing into moonlit  glow

Ecstatic, I smile

She knowingly has cast her spell

Drunken,  I bob and sway

I croon a serenade

My eyes reflecting swaying curves

Warm arms envelop her

I dance the silent song I know


“Traditionally invoking melancholy, love, longing, and metaphysical questions, ghazals are often sung by Iranian, Indian, and Pakistani musicians.”

(I am not familiar with this form so will just write a love poem rather than butcher a form. has been helpful with this poetry information.)


“Poetry is  a deal of joy and pain and wonder with a dash of the dictionary.”

Khalil Gibran (Brainy Quotes)

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]

Embrace Emotion #atozchallenge #poetry #photography

barbed letter E

 unscrew the light bulb

cram my feelings til they blaze

 can’t tell until I’m limp

you  are truly crazed

clamp down the wire cutters

frenzied barbed wire  dance 

 wrap careless about my heart

are you looking for your chance?

turn the car’s ignition

let fumes suck away the air

I died so  long ago

no one ever cared



Emotive language is a form of common poetry in which language is at its most condensed and significant form. This is a common way that writers use to convince readers by appealing to their emotions and using a language that shows sympathy in some way.

“Anxiety is the hand maiden of creativity”

T.S. Eliot

“Any poet, if he is to survive beyond his 25th year, must alter; he must seek new literary influences; he will have different emotions to express.”



How have you altered your writing over the years??? Or is it time for a change?


A2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]



In the key of B #atozchallenge #photography #poetry

key of B

Write for me a poem

tell me no lies

make me the victor

no more in disguise

I’ll ride a horse

you will live by a stream

I’ll always awaken

you in my dreams

Write for me a poem

tell me no lies

make me the victor

not needing disguise

one night beneath the moon

we  will meet in a kiss

in my strong embrace

you’ll no longer miss

Write for me a poem

tell me no lies

make me the victor

tear away all disguise

no end to this story

though you walk from my sight

no place for true  lovers

it was only one night

Write for me a poem

tell me no lies

make me the victor

put me back  in disguise


Ballad: A typical ballad is a plot-driven song, with one or more characters hurriedly unfurling events leading to a dramatic conclusion. At best, a ballad does not tell the reader what’s happening, but rather shows the reader what’s happening, describing each crucial moment in the trail of events. To convey that sense of emotional urgency, the ballad is often constructed in quatrain stanzas, each line containing as few as three or four stresses and rhyming either the second and fourth lines, or all alternating lines.


 ”What’s this, Aurora Leigh,

You write so of the poets and not laugh?

Those virtuous liars, dreamers after dark,
Exaggerators of the sun and moon,
And soothsayers in a tea-cup? I write so
Of the only truth-tellers, now left to God,—
The only speakers of essential truth,
Opposed to relative, comparative,
And temporal truths;…
The only teachers who instruct mankind,
From just a shadow on a charnel-wall.”

Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861), British poet. Aurora Leigh, bk.1, l. 853-64 (1857).

and so are poets virtuous liars, dreamers after dark, soothsayers in a tea-cup?

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]


Photography © L. Moon

Browning Quote – courtesy of Brainy Quotes

The Chapters of Today #oneshotwednesday

We closed the chapter yesterday

you were a whisper away

smiling during the dedication

catching prism-like reflection

a loving and tearful display


I turned a page in my life today

a new script to unfold

catching friends bloom ~a glance

butterflies in a regal dance

many stories yet untold


There was a book they say

filled with colorful array

it represented forever

we embraced it together

we continue to  play


Yesterday we buried a dear friend who lost the battle with cancer, today I bury a dream called One Stop Poetry, tomorrow a new dream, a new chapter will unfold for each of us.

To each of you who has supported One Stop Poetry and a crazy dream thank you; to my team wishing you the best as you pursue new heights – all my love to each of you.

My dreams and life are changing but in an exciting way: I am moving back to San Francisco – my home where I will care for my aging mother and where I will heal from a respiratory disease that salt air “wonderfully” cures, I am returning to my studies an an artist with my mentor; my books for special needs children will  be moving forward to publication; my dream to see artists realize their dreams will continue and hopefully take wing.


Please join us for a farewell to One Stop Poetry


Answers to the Question (One Shot Wednesday)

You ask

I answer

it’s not words

you are seeking


you answer

I look closely

striving for something

to grasp hold of


The question

freezes between us

it eludes the answer

like a game

of hide and seek


We coax and prod

searching not finding

not realizing it’s the search

which brings us together

Poet Awards

I fail at giving out awards. I should give awards to all of my writer friend for being so good to me.

For this week:

Pete Marshall has become a good friend and great encouragement. Talent flows from his words

Emmanuel Ibok is always reading my stuff and giving me feedback

I”ve appreciated Ediomo getting his feet wet in the poetry world

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Brian Walker who is looking for outlets to expand his poetry

Do what you want with these awards they are in honor of who you are as writers!!!

Promising Poets Award

An Award for you!!!

For you

my faithful friends

the world of poetry

weaves and wends

garden of words

we can depend

let us rise

open the gate

to this special world

and celebrate

by Moondustwriter

Jingle always has the best awards. Constantly striving to encourage poets

I am grateful for the following folks and as such would like to pass this award along

If you feel so inclined pass this on to twelve deserving  poets as well (or more)

Each of you inspire my writing – Thank You!!!







Mike Evans


Expressive Domain

Glittering soot on her eyelashes


Shaun Masterton

Morning Star

Patty Sherry