All the Leaves are Brown #californiadrought #watershortage

central valley water

days of drought
catch the rain in a jar
each drop precious


price of admission

turn fresh produce into weeds

highest bidder

I continue to read ridiculous reports of fights for water in California. I drive through the Central Valley and see new vineyards cropping up and the dairy industry, walnut, almond, pistachio orchards along with fresh produce (that supply a nation) are being killed. A nation’s stupidity cannot feed her people.

Made in China #DC #politics #humor

“Winner take all”

“While Obama’s away, China’s buying up Washington.”

“Gotta pay off the deficit somehow”


I’m not a humorist or a political person. When I went to DC and saw the China sign below the Washington Memorial, the shot (and statement) was too good to pass up. ( this is not photoshopped!)

Follow the Leader #pipeline #Ukraine #poetry



if you may

the value of children

who are out to play

call them back before it’s too late

life is cheap

at the pipeline grate


Ukraine it seems

is in a vise again

always in the middle

of stronger men

goose step then

tank track now

raise your arm

don’t take a vow


protect the children

of the world

solemn salute

the flag unfurled

we’ve lost the vision

the value of life

we love our money

“all hail the pipe”


Have you ever played “Follow the Leader”?

It is a game that I played often with the children I taught in Crimea.

Funny thing they like to play the same games as children all over our world.

Yet, they don’t seem to have the same right to enjoy the freedom to romp as Ukrainians.

The world’s politico is too busy playing their own form of “Follow the Leader” to care.

Believe In Change #poetry #Crimea

SB Pier

Rise up say your piece

unite for a cause

stem unreason’s tide

truth above the laws

hold back foolish notions

punish not our beliefs

this cause may seem deranged

 generations filled with grief


with unrest we can’t sleep

we are in need of change

no silence we will keep

set things in motion

stop machination’s jaws

people side by side

upend meaningless clause

our world in need of peace


The ESL work I did in Crimea was over the summer.

I would be preparing now to leave.

Where are those students today?

Who knows?




The Poet’s United Midweek Motif is prompting poets to write about public protest.

Poets and artists have always had a voice that rings truth.

What do you feel strongly about?

I am saddened by news coming out of Crimea.





Retreaded Spoils #children #poetry


Cheap like retread tires

flying off into the distance

oh, you so soon forgotten

what did you stand for?

you could not have had feelings

for who would tread over humanity?

no one feels anymore

certainly not girls

whose wasted lives

embraced at the slave block

the pivotal point

where statesmen make lofty speeches

in the shadows of no one listening


Malala a school girl who understands the issue over the Nigerian school girls urges action.

Her Name is Crimea #Ukraine #poetry


a yellowed, antique lace veil

shivers in the breeze

once worn by her babushka

she fingers the edges lovingly

grateful her once blue eyes

now opaque having seen too much


ancient green fields waved

once welcoming mariners

adventurers from distant lands

now scarred and impotent

 battleships crouch as lions

poised, ready for action


limp and lifeless flag

tattered blue and yellow

 an emblem of a scourged, reclaimed land

freed from cold, iron curtains

no breeze left to breathe into life

red machinations alone stir the air

Ukrainian Flag is an image I found on Andrey Bondarchuks’s facebook page. by Kaska Szapska.

The Day when it no longer mattered #poetry #DC

It had gone on for so long.

they had forgotten when and why

what had begun with a message

had all drowned and died

the monuments they say

were locked and chained

the ducks long gone

little they feared the rain

a city whose beauty

had once been so tall

putrid sod and dirt

now covered the Mall

men rise and men fall

history stands to repeat

foolishness’ remains undone

at crumbling feet

It had gone on for so long.

they had forgotten when and why

what had begun with a message

had sadly drowned and died

rainy day 078

Photography: “A Mere Image (of Washington’s Monument)” and “Lincoln’s Boot” ©L. Moon 2013

Justice #poetry #politics


pronounce it anyway you like

accent or not

it has been served up

as a pig’s head on a platter


Wielded like a four letter word

between the sheets

as a man takes what is “his”


Falls with steel-like force

in one swift move

obliterating life in its path


Is bandied about

by men who think they know

something about the law


Fails to meet the mark

for the common man

the one who needs it the most


In days when it is needed the most, where has it flown???

The Poet Speaks… #poetry

There are poets in this blogging center of the world who make a difference with their pen – Charles Martin is such a poet!!!

There is a poet

who I’d tip my hat

but we live in this era

so that is that


where all we swallow

is political fire

his daily words

they do inspire


He paints and draws

his readers in

a subtle point

that speaks within


Don’t ever miss

the meaning penned

nothing poison

lies within


for poets have

a way you know

to touch the heart

and make it grow


I have a few friends who have profoundly influenced my writing. Charles Martin is such a man whose words speak volumes to those willing to listen. Thanks to the bold voice of poets today!


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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