The Cloudless Day #art #poetry #nature

Bleak winter presses on my soul

grey solitude heavy weight

nature’s blanket takes its toll

tearing at all reason I wait

colour plied to canvas tight

window opens cloudless peace

greens and yellows pull the light

shutter of my soul release

brush continually applies

shape takes beauty’s form

of winter I am free inside

spring unveils her radiant warmth

The art: “Clare’s Window” (1980s) is one of the paintings my mother has painted that brings nature’s beauty indoors. On many wintery days, I have pulled at the warmth from her work and felt less wintry weight.


Ripple Effect #poetry #oldage

Ripples of Life


a blurry reflection in wintry pond

from my pocket something priceless falls

“plop” is the sound I hear

I consider as it silent calls

“ninety years is too soon”

says old, wizened but sharp of mind

two wives I never intended to bury

for the century mark, I have time

I ponder his possibilities

friends mostly gone

better save your pennies

your days are long

a blurry reflection in wintry pond

from my pocket something priceless falls

“plop” are its last words

I consider as it silent calls


Sharing this with Poet’s United the prompt this week Nineties


The Sun and the Moon #poetry #photography #equinox



I love you because your rays fill with delight

what I radiate in the eve is a golden smile glow

the stars twinkle and blush nightly because they know

I respect you becasue you rise high in the sky

my shape in the night a reflection you see

is more of yourself and so much less of me

Sometimes as I rise I ask the question “why”

I’m merely a  mirror  of your glorious rays

I cast  a few shadows you lighten each and every day

We look at each other across celestial sea

we put in the sky for the world at the start

I a dusty old orb and yours a radiant heart

sun on chapel pond


The Poet’s United Midweek Motif prompt for this week is Sun in celebration of the March Equinox.

The Edge of 2013 #photography #poetry


Standing at the precipice

you can’t catch me

it is too late for a fling

hanging on a string

once a drip of water

now but winter’s daughter


I stand at the precipice

active are lights and colors

scents cloud my reason

sounds of the season

wrapped in bows

I pivot on my toes


I stand on the precipice

so many things I missed

struggling to catch them as I fall

wishing to embrace it all

unsuccessful was my list

the many words I missed


I jump from the precipice

you can judge the distance

28 more days

the sun shines too little rays

I smile at the thought

all the places where we walked


The Quest for Life #haiku #photography #poetry

The road less travelled

looking at my reflection

take my first step


Take my first step

grasping for life’s answers

before it slips away

Today’s prompt at Carpe Diem guest hosted by Maggie Grace is Vision Quest 

Photography: “Reflected in the Pond” and “Between the Cracks” © L. Moon 2013

In the Valley #poetry #reflection

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death your perfect love is casting out fear”

Yes I can read these words

I memorized them as a child


until I am in the valley

crawling on my knees

hoping for an oasis

to stem the tide

quench my thirst

I do not understand the full capacity

the strength

of loving arms that pull me up

carry me to the water’s edge

“drink” you say as you cup your hands

the sweetest tasting water caresses my lips

I am filled

I am still in the valley but I have living water to get me through

to remind me I am not alone

you are here when they have all left me to my own

and I am whole in you


Today at Faith Barista the prompt is “when your journey leads you downhill … God will make a way”

I have been sojourning in the valley floor for a year (tomorrow is the anniversary). I wrote a friend telling him “I have nothing but I have everything I could possibly need in Him.”

In one year I have lost everything tangible (other than a few sticks of furniture) no car, no home, a few clothes, my health has failed me and I have been admitted twice to the hospital in one month (no way to pay those bills); the kicker was the tests that came back .I have licked the valley floor and yet I have never known such peace in my life. The water I drink is love; love from God and people I did not know giving me gifts, telling me they would be praying for me, loving me with a smile, clearing a surgery schedule, forgiving my multi hospital visit debt…

I write this not to ask you to feel bad for me please don’t – I am in capable, strong hands and in the best place I could possibly be. What about you? If you lost everything today, could you strain your eyes to see the oasis in the distance? Could you release yourself/ really let go and be caught by capable, loving hands? He is more than sufficient for our every need.

Photograph “Alone” L. Moon copyright 2011

What Lies in the Mirror? #magpietales #poetry

I looked upon the reflective source of yesterday

 daring not enter my gaze too deep

for the closer I wandered in my mind

the more one I would become with said image

a mere reflection “no”

for there I see you

you the one who feigned connection

believing you as a part of me

told me things I longed to hear

whispers long in the night

 into my lonely ear

caused longing for something that was never

and like a fool I harkened to a voice

fractual promises never granted

realizing my blunder

I inserted into the mirror

my empty heart

whether from love or naught

left said reflection in your hands

do not believe the smile is for you

This piece of prose is a late offering to the respected hostess of Magpie Tales – Tess Kincaid where weekly she gives writers a prompt challenge.

Moon Dance

She glows so bright

shining in full regalia

water reflects

her fluid movement

diamond like

in the blue darkness


She loves to show

herself in her finery

Lacy clouds wrap

themselves around her

like a silken cloak


During her dance

the finery

is cast aside

her beauty

needs no embellishment


she takes center stage

clouds don’t mind

gladly they share

with the darling

of the night

thanks to: Wrestlingetrophy for this beautiful shot off Lake Michigan



I look at a reflection

what do I see there?

it appears somewhat uncertain

of my feelings

are you aware?


What is important

is people in my life

they help so much with meaning

simply put

things are less contrived


I once more face dilemma

it hasn’t been the first

acquiesce on what matters

for dissension

I have no thirst


If only you could view me

from another way

that view through the mirror

might reveal

my thoughts this day

Photo:  Sister  72 (Creative Commons)