Tears are Expired #poetry

remember the memories walking the seashore hand in hand we clung to happy as skin does to sand there was always a hitch in your moonlit gaze a clause I thought a passing  phase there’s no glue that can hold this together the excuses you make your vow second grade live with your choice theContinue reading “Tears are Expired #poetry”

Tattered and Torn #oneshotwednesday #abuse

Crouched in the corner lights graze my form front and center small, faded, forlorn *** What do they want? no warmth, only spite peering and prodding no “endless delight” *** Sucking the color pulling apart perfectly aimed at the center of my heart ** Any one there? a moment to share reach out a handContinue reading “Tattered and Torn #oneshotwednesday #abuse”

On The Outside … #teensuicide

  On the outside… looking in peering at a world too far warmth, security, love the essence of life’s door barred **** On the outside… hoping for more dreaming of things never known kindness, gentleness, adoration ideals read in books alone *** on the outside… in the cold freezing from the inside out pain, suffering,Continue reading “On The Outside … #teensuicide”

Waiting for You #poem (One shot Wednesday)

I sat looking Waiting Hoping for One last glimpse of us *** There we were on our bench the picture so clear sweet summer fragrance eyes only for each other *** You held me tight beneath the maple trees emanating warmth even in the fall breeze *** Words they heard in our lover’s embrace carefully conveyedContinue reading “Waiting for You #poem (One shot Wednesday)”

No More Color #poetry

Vibrant blues, exotic reds interwoven into the fabric of each day as we as lovers played *** He said I would know when the last leaf falls the final warm ray no more color on display *** Where there are only tears to brighten my day then I will know you’ve gone away *** LifelessContinue reading “No More Color #poetry”

Turn off the light when you go (poem)

Put away the light I can no longer look at rejection it’s scars are everywhere * The day you walked out the sun refused to shine bilious sky clouded over my heart * Don’t look at me that picture must go the last memory of love burned out long ago * turn the lights offContinue reading “Turn off the light when you go (poem)”

No answers (55)

She called no answer… A big tear drop filled with hope dreams and desires cascaded to the parapet of  her heart There was an emptiness in the ring a “you are not wanted” sound in each space “Go on”, it said “find another to call with the answers” just then the phone rang… Thanks RevContinue reading “No answers (55)”

At a Loss

Thank you my friend for blue sunlit days puffy white clouds dancing as they play Please could you send a little less clear add something gray take away the cheer let’s add rumbling crack of lightning suits my dark mood can’t be more frightening anguish of my heart tempo please try tumults pour forth sorrowContinue reading “At a Loss”


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