Goose (Kari) #haiku


Recognized his voice

call to the one he held dear

they mated for life


they mated for life

flew close in each other’s sight

never collided

Photograph: Thanks to photographer Bryant Olsen for his excellent shot of the Ross’s Geese

to view more of his work (wildlife and nature) go here  (© under creative commons)

We continue to celebrate autumn at Carpe Diem the Goose (Kari) is the prompt for today

Dead on Delivery #poetry #photography #poetsunited


petals pulled away my heart

spikes picketed into my soul

waters that once so freely flowed

dried up and blew away


petals pulled away my heart

love it seemed between us too

wrapped up with a bow

came dead upon delivery


petals pulled away my heart

words inscribed in red

buried long ago

none can unearth love’s end


Petals pulled away my heart

locked up by your deception

one of us must go

I’ll gladly take the keys

the key

Photography “Roses”, “The Key” © L. Moon 2013

I love the visual of locks and keys especially the old fashioned kind. Today’s poem was inspired by Kim at Poet’s United / Verse First the prompt – “Lock”


Complicated #poetry #photography #poetsunited


Always at cross angles

like waves against me crash

wind whipped standard


your eyes flash

multiple thoughts converging

life never to be the same


Blocking my way

shadowing my step

muddying my resolution


your eyes flash

multiple thoughts converging

my life never to be the same


Sandpaper like friction

seabirds fight for their find

iron gate clanging shut


your eyes flash

multiple thoughts converging

Our lives never to be the same


I offer you my hand

 simple gesture of love

please take it – don’t run

…or we will never be the same


Word Count: 100

Poets United prompt for Verse First is Poetry that Heals. 

Can abrasive, passionate words help a heart heal or do they tend to rip off the scab?

Perfect Fit #poetry #Rodin #sculpture #atoz #napowrimo

Cathedral - Rodin
Cathedral – Rodin

He grasps for my hand

my hand reaches for his

once we fumbled

now it’s  natural

a dance of two swans

swimming effortlessly

distant stars

twinkling in unison

fingers that fit

perfectly together

A2Z-2013-BADGE-001Small_zps669396f9 (1)


Love Forgotten #poetry


I thought to pick up the pebble of doubt

discovery  found it placed in your shoe

I thought to pluck  and shake forgetting

insensitivity accompanied the morning dew

I thought to remember starry eyes

in your  heart I’m forgotten instead

I thought to look into your winsome smile

a regret that there was “nothing” to be read

I thought to hide the things I missed

in a note you said “I’ve won”

I thought to take back my bleeding heart

alas it was stamped –  “I’m done”

I'm done

Painful Days #lyrics #poetry #loss

This poem was inspired by County Music which either leaves you dancing or crying..

water wall

Your sunshine smile

refracted in my teardrops

Your easy style

marked forever in my hands

your giving ways

emblazoned on my heartstrings

there are days

yes there are days


A sunshine world

was opened up before me

When you with confidence

strode into my place

A fancied world

no one could take it from me

like the unfake smile

that with your finger traced


Your sunshine smile

refracted in my teardrops

Your easy style

marked forever in my hands

your giving ways

emblazoned on my heartstrings

there are days

yes there are days


Now that you’re gone

there’s nothing called forever

the lights are out

forever in that spot

they pealed my fingers

clinging to your body

my heart was buried

with you in your plot


Your sunshine smile

refracted in my teardrops

Your easy style

marked forever in my hands

your giving ways

emblazoned on my heartstrings

there are days

yes there are days


I hear your voice

come lilting through the window

it drives me mad

the phantoms in this place

I smell you near

how could that be forgotten

I look about

of you there is no trace


Your sunshine smile

refracted in my teardrops

Your easy style

marked forever in my hands

your giving ways

emblazoned on my heartstrings

there are days

oh painful days

Raze #poetry #photography

This rapid burn

losing ink on my page

raised caulderon of letters

illuminates my mind

for one moment

fueled flash

clarifies the past

I taste the ash

burning my moist lips

holding the last remnant

of you

a little too long

spitting out

the scorched after-taste


you put this flame

of destruction

in motion

I don’t always use music to inspire my writing but I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift and Red and these words alight

Photograph: “Evening’s Fury” L. Moon copyright 2012

Deeper than her heart #poetry #heart

A will to survive when all the blood is drained

Removing the knife from her heart

blood should have poured

nothing but a drop or two

she grimaced

“He got that too?”

she could not see

nor could any diagnostic tool

the sheer will to live

coursed through her veins

he had taken everything else

the knife blade loudly clanged

this metal not fatal

“you couldnt hurt me anymore”

with a smile

she moved forward

time would heal

the gash in her side

iron will beat out the last deadly thrust that day

that beautiful knife crafted and sold at

Yawl #atozchallenge #poetry #life’slessons #sailing #napomo

As we glide on the sea of life, we rarely see the squall up ahead. Squalls are a greater test for the sailor of life than the sunny weekend sailor’s dreams…

She was ours this sturdy craft

maiden voyage stem to stern packed

we set off on a lark that day

knowing not that bad weather was in the way

we pitched  we rolled

our new craft took a toll

we trimmed  we sailed

and emptied quite a few pail

an ugly grey squall no less

it was sent our way to give the test

when sun’s weak rays came at last

we knew one of many we had passed

for others would we be ready

in our life there would be plenty

storms to test our merit

lessons for love we would bear it


There are many challenges in life. If we cannot weather those storms our life is not hardy and hail. This is my offering to the A to Z challenge. A lesson of life packed into this “Y” – my little “craft” bobs and pitches on a regular basis but we are still “afloat.”

The beautiful seascape is by artist Konstantinovich

The Door to My Heart #poetry

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.

Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”– Carl Jung

Peer in that crack

slightly ajar

opened for you

the door to my heart


what would you see

peering deep inside?

layered insecurity

years I’ve tried to hide


venture ever further

finds an inner glow

beckoning your kindness

please don’t ever go


If you truly entered

the chambers of my heart

I would give love freely

passion painted art


Please check out this wonderful poetry feast for Friday – hosted by Jenne Andrews

an excellent photograph


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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