Crack in the Door #poetry #pain


darkness is cruel

eyes neither open nor close

no feeling in void


inanimate pain

screams stifled behind closed doors

you inflicted this


slap awakens

firefly moment so bright

pin holes of hope


eye’s revelation

light cauterizes split heart

awaits gold of day

dawn waves


Sharing with Poet’s United Midweek Motif – the prompt is Inanimate.


Veneer (Guest post by Brian Walker)

Some guys build their own demise.

Sometimes I wonder why they even try.

Then there is you, my dear.

You know I know what you’re about so let me make it clear.

Always trying to figure me out when you can’t even face yourself.

One day there is going to be a change that is for certain.

You might find that the only real thing in life was the very thing you left behind.

I find the way to my soul through my imperfections.

You don’t see it but I do.

Just take a good look for once outside of you.

One day I saw a diamond in the rough.

He said he had just about enough of life.

I started to realize the life I lead is not bonafide.

There are so many times I get confused when I think about it.

Why do I waste my time dwelling on this insignificant s***?

Often the thinking forces me into the waiting oblivion I’ve eluded all my life.

Now it is you telling me “I told you so”

Now it is me wondering why can’t I just let it go?

I don’t know why it makes no sense to make this much sense.

All along something was wrong and I have you as the evidence.

Everything is not quite right here.

Something was taken from me long ago.

The more I try to pull back the heavy veneer,

the more I discover begins to start to show.

Thanks Brian for your Guest post.

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