No Comparison #art #nature #poetry

I tried to draw a rose today

but noise and life got in the way

my pencil finally took control

what it drew I hardly know

“it’s good I guess” I tell the pad

 I sniff the scent of rubber band

I tried to draw a rose today

crumpled paper, thrown away


rare beauty

inhale, no bottle can hold

rose succulence

Flowers can cheer a frown into a smile. Poets United knows this well and so the prompt this week is Flowers!!!


The Rose and the Thorn #poetry

dew speckled rose

I am but a worm on this leaf

I look upon two sides of the world

she is a beauty

full of life, a treasure

fanning hope and peace

he is a devil

piercing the sky with pain

injustice and anger

are his middle name

I am but a worm on this leaf

“In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.”

Albert Einstein

“But I am a worm and not a man, scorned by everyone, despised by the people.”

Psalm 22:6

The prompt for Poets United Midweek Motif is Justice or Poetic Justice. I will take poetic license and give a voice to the worm.

Photograph: Rose called ‘Peace

Not to Scale #photography #poetry



whether viewing football

through a glass

winter scene

rear view passed

what rose is sweeter

than its name

endless scales

perception changed


Ok so the poem is silly. The first photograph is an 80″ view of the Superbowl through an 8 oz glass. These all being offered for the WordPress Photochallenge  prompt- SCALE


Roses’ Secret #poetry #photography #undyinglove

Blushing rose

(he whispers) 13 rose fragrant riddles

a tease of love’s first senses

 (she) reclines upon fresh petals

(they) wrapped in moonlight embraces


beauty mingles with each day

sun reaches to taste her dew

in the garden they will play until the last ray is through


standing elegantly now

confident above the rest

she will stately take her bow wrinkles fade into the past


 she lays on the grave

 fingers hold her fast

smiles of memory’s day a love that would  eternal last

cemetery rose


Today’s prompt for Poet’s United Mid Week Motif is 13 (using 13 lines) . So often we think of this number as bad luck.


poets united
A favorite place to join with poets





Something Old, New, Borrowed, PINK #poetry #photography

Hint of pink

What am I to wear

season passed beneath the snow

ugly bulky winter fare

I will sing a lovely tune

to bring a smile to his face

not noisy as the summer festoon

none other than fragrance of spring

a dash of a tango

might I borrow fairy wing?

midnight  song will I falsetto sing

fresh light notes

nature’s simple offering

ivory with a hint of pink

dance I’ll share with the stars

 jealous be the moon I think

Today is Palm Sunday a day of newness and celebration. I wave my palm branch for the King knowing of the darkness to come.

This poem is from an old archived piece of prose, the poem is new, the photo was borrowed from my photography folder, the rose is a hint of Pink. This my offering for the wonderful, weekly, poetry pantry hosted by Mary at Poet’s United.

Bleeding heart #poetry #photography #valentine

broken rose

I took a pose

and beautifully fell

caught by stiff icy arms

elegant red rose


I tried to arise

from  white blanket cold

no hot house warmth

flower, snow and stone


lift me as I groan

nothing can I feel

what once ran free

a bleeding heart alone


no tears remain for me

shriveled up and dead

wind blows away at will

valentine’s face this  dread

Fresh #poetry #photography



 fallen the night before


 footprints on distant shore


capturing  fallen light


red rose smiling bright


hands clasped this day


love needed nothing to say


spoken to the skies


snowflakes in our eyes


petals fall in the breeze


whispers spoken to the trees


strong stood aged oak


 song where new life awoke


striving for the sun


new path on which to run

In 75 words or less: A New Year.  Again.  Are you a fan of “new”? Or are you tired of the whole idea of “new,” preferring the tried and true? 

Newness a prompt from Poet’s United.

poets united

Beginning #photography #newyear #nature

The WordPress photochallenge prompt for the New Year is Beginning 

Hope you see how  Nature tells a story from different angles with my iphone. This is nature week at  phonography  Lens and pens by Sally

Happy New Year to a cast of fantastic photographers that I enjoyed in 2013!

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The Yellowed Ribbon #poetry #photography #amwriting

With loving eyes

I untied

the white satin ribbon

opened the book

an epic romance

our love story

red and ivory rose petals

fell like snowflakes

from the pages

I remembered

when they covered…


My fingers instinctively caressed

love… always… yours…

words you had written to me

 in the throes of passion

my fingertips were stained

those words would have  dried

long ago

these were fresh ink stains

words you had written

this morning

to another

Photography © L. Moon 2013