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March is a great month for many reasons. One of them is the new release of Ocean’s 2  a phenomenal blend of notes that you don’t want to miss. Tom Cloverfield has been creating magical instrumental mixes for years. For those of you who are just being introduced – please enjoy!

white sands

Tom: I’m so excited about your new release on Mar 1.
What can you tell us about this project that is different from your other projects???
The very special thing about this project is, that Rainer Winschermann, the sax player, lives on my fav north sea island, where I have been every summer since I was 4 years old. I met him in 2012 for the first time and then we decided to make music together;
inspired by the colours and the lights and the beauty of Baltrum Island. From the moment we met, we knew we “are on the same frequency”.  Rainer has his own studio there. After finishing his recordings, he sends me the sax parts and I mix it to my musical parts.
What will the music lover enjoy about this project?
The upcoming album WHITE SANDS is our 3rd Studio Album.
The combination and mix of a “real sax” and deep electronic beatz and sounds are simply ear candies for the listeners. Rainer plays the sax (and of course wrote and recorded his sax parts on his own) in a really special and a little bit melancholy way.
And you now my kind of composing and producing deep electronic house music. It must be chilly but also dance-able. Smooth sounds, making you dream away…..
Your music has continued to bloom (sorry I’m a poet). What are you applying to your “art” (that may be new or different) as a seasoned musician?
I am searching for new sounds all the time. I focus on warm analog synthesizers (moog, access virus and korg) to get this CLOVERFIELD signature sound.
What is next for you???
Some new projects with upcoming singers.
And we keep on working on the already known projects T-JAY SIXX, SIRENHOUSE, POETICBEATZ and more.
Thanks Tom for taking a moment away from the studio. Wishing you the best with this album and future projects.
After getting a listen to the album, I’m torn between the fast moving Kite Race, Strand Bar with warming tones that remind me of dancing in the Hawaiian sunset,  Impulse where the sax can’t help but get sassy with its tunes. I guess you will have to decide for yourself.

Have a listen to Tom Cloverfield:

Here’s where you can find more about Tom and his music:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oceans-TWO/315149288582755?fref=ts

Twitter: @tomcloverfield

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/cloverfield

You can also find Tom Cloverfield’s music at Beatport and iTunes

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I’ve got my copy of White Sands Amazon has yours!

Dancing with a sax #poetry #music #photography

the sax

I needed to dance with a sax today
his warm deep tones
wiped the tear from my eye
I needed to dance with a sax today
forgotten I the reason why
I needed to dance with a sax today
he cast a spell 

I’m sure

I needed to dance with a sax today
cuz I’m barefoot
caressing the floor

I needed to dance with a sax today
I had almost forgotten how

I needed to dance with a sax today
sweet & sassy 
carried my blues far for now

I’ve been listening to tunes by Tom Cloverfield awaiting his new release of Ocean’s 2 on March 1. Music soothes the savage beast and the disgruntled, one winged poet.


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