Bruised… #poetry #photography


this once content reed, flails

wind seeks to rip from mooring

torrent twists at peace

dusk to dawn, I wrestle

hot tears silent fall

gash displaces scars sewn shut


But light is on the horizon

before ink sets dry

warm breeze blanket will heal

soft rain cleases wounds

faith holds this vessel steadfast

hope will make me whole

This song reminds me that I need not be weighed down by life’s burdens


Beneath the Past #poetry

sf houses golden gate

I touched a place

I hadn’t wandered in a year

my ten-year old me

painful memories so near

I meandered through a wood

it had been too long

I lay beneath the breeze

heard familiar old songs

I looked for a friend

gone too long ago

she reached out her hand

and took me in tow

I visited old people

they fit like a glove

“thanks” a small word

when they shower you with love

I touched a place

I hadn’t wandered many a year

I stood in old shoes

scar’s lessons – need not fear



Poets United Midweek Motif is prompting us to write about Recovery. There are so many forms of recovery. We can recover from physical ailments, addictions, or pain inflicted by others. What does recovery mean to you?





I will always… (#OneShotWednesday)

A silent wintry night
Consumed all warmth
Blazing fire
Failed it’s attempts
To cauterize what was left


Charred driftwood
Stripped, laid bare
No life
Gone all feeling

A Rent, sardonic smile
Blood tattooed hand
Held the last
vestige of hope

Scarred words

an eternal imprint

I will always…

Love You

Here’s to another year of poetry. Thanks to each of you who have made One Stop a great place to be.

thanks to Vijo for the photo: