Christmas Song #haiku #singing #poem

winters song

Silent Night

mother and two young daughters

angelic harmony

The prompt at Chevrefeuille’s is Christmas Carol. I have dear memories of singing with my girls at nursing homes and for church specials.


Where were you in the 70s? #haiku #Godspell #music #poetry

coffee 001
once unencumbered
miles I’ve trudged off course
pebble ground to sand


why are you here?

I thought you stayed in my youth

Okay, but just 1 verse

The song “By My Side” was from the original musical production of Godspell.  Godspell was one of the first musicals I performed in (the undefinable 70s). The prompt “Pebble” from Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem reminded me of the symbolism of the pebble that challenges the bearer to be wiser, stronger, resilient. It is also symbolic of faith which requires a walk without knowing or understanding where we are going.

At a Loss for Words #poetry #music #dpchallenge


A tune always spins

like an lp

on the record player of my life

notes trickle through fingers

like rains drops

as I sing another song

and the words

dance on the keyboard

and sparkle  in my eyes

as I dance with feet firmly planted

hands caressing the microphone

on the broad instrument packed stage

that I call home




The prompt at DP Daily Challenge today is Musical Marker.

“We all have songs that remind us of specific periods and events in our lives. Twenty years from now, which song will remind you of the summer of 2014?”

Our family lives in a world of theater and music, my life is catalogued by the memories of the venue rather than the song. We just finished “The Producers” so I guess the song would be –  Spring Time for Hitler.

Sing It From the Rooftops #FlashFiction

She knew the music by heart

motioning to the man on the sound board

“can we do one run through first?

I want this recording perfect.”

He tweeked the settings  pulling out her rich contralto tones.

“I’m ready,” she signaled head phones in place

She sang her heart out for her friend

“Happy Birthday Chris”

This 55 Flash Fiction is dedicated to a talented writer and photographer who I have the honor of working with At One Stop Poetry – Happy Birthday  Chris Galford.

Thanks to G-Man for the weekly opportunity to write Flash Fiction in a mere 55 words.

Smiling Down at You

It’s a night like no other

lay back and reflect

so much past

nothing  to reject


What has gone before

I failed to record

I’m looking up

thinking of my Lord


The sand it squeaks

the waves recede

the stars they twinkle

beautiful indeed


My heart so full

about to burst

heaven’s smiling

and  singing  a  verse

Photo: Meteor Showers by stahrdust3