Nothing Higher #lifechallenges #poetry

As I tilted toward blue

frothy white below

unwilling to take a breath

for what if there were none?



hot Uganda Savannah

one more stop


As we wind our way to Uganda, we are uplifted by more than a plane. In Christ our hope is…



Outline of the Sky #haiku #photography #nature

meigetsu ya ittemo ittemo yoso no sora

autumn’s bright moon,
however far I walked, still afar off
in an unknown sky

© Chiyo-Ni a well known haiku poetess from the 18th century.


july2dawn4 015


face the path alone

destination beyond  reach

wolf knows the way


silent embrace

dawn’s mountain top caress

warmth rises

Today’s prompt from Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem is “The Unknown Sky.”

The photograph was taken of the Sierra Madre foothills when all was still and cool.

The photo has a sensual feel that I always feel compelled to write about *wink*

What lies in the unknown sky for you?


Small Mountain Dawning #haiku #photography #carpediem


Over the hill’s crest

sun rays burst into day

between me and you


between me and you

all seasons fall away

springing forth anew


springing forth anew

patterns drawn pink and blue skies

pastel memories

Carpe Diem haiku prompt for today is Small Mountain. There are so many delightful prompts and people come join us in the land of haiku.

Photograph: “Ribbons in the Dawn” copyright L. Moon 2013

Horizon’s Game #photography #poetry #nature

Love’s allegory plays out in a umlimited, colored sky

blue dawn photo rendering - shot Dec 2012
Dawn’s Palette

Horizon – you aim to please

You play with the sky

You taunt and you tease

Like a lover you reach

for her long wisps of hair

then you pull back


She in her many moods

at times recoils

in a sullen grey

other times

wearing blue is willing to play

“Games in the sky”


With colors and light

two lover’s ply

the world’s palette

in overhead sky

for all to see

endless expressions of love

Photograph: “Dawn’s Palette” – copyright L. Moon 2012

The Words Written in the Sky a Triolet Duet #poetry #NWCU

The words in the sky are many and few…

Echoes of Warmth Within

Sun Wisps Down

Fall’s Hues Shine

Echoes of Warmth Within

Fall’s Hues Shine

Contrast of Colors Spin

Echoes of Warmth Within

Sun Wisps Down


Brush Strokes Go On Forever

On a Backdrop of Blue

What Words They Don’t Say

Brush Strokes Go On Forever

What Words They Don’t Say

Color Mosaic in Soul Glue

Brush Strokes Go On Forever

On a Backdrop of Blue

This week for  The New World’s Creative Union and Sunday Snap Shot,  I was inspired to perform a duet of color and words with my friend and co-writer Sean Vessey over at Knight’s Heart. It’s been awhile since Sean and I have dueted together so I asked him if he would be willing to duet off each other’s words and this photo rendering of the sky.

Photograph “Painted Sky Lines” L. Moon copyright 2012

Didn’t They Know… (Flash Fiction)

If she could breathe fresh air

maybe she’d be ok

If she could see sky

maybe she’d see another day

If only people realized

she needed something they couldn’t provide

Photo by Elena Lagana


Every sunday we do a Flash Fiction in 160 characters with Monkey Man. Join us for the fun challenge.

Hearts -Side by Side

He listens more to the words she writes

than most listen to the words she speaks

understands, anticipates the unspoken

what is this relationship?

transcendent reality, illusion of happiness

her mind  alive in him

world where thoughts merge

takes her breath away while never breathing the same air


blue of  her eyes seen in each clear sky

knows the gentle quiver of her smile

yet  never touches her lips

rose-like  softness and fragrance awaken his senses

each touch belongs to her fingertips

in the path of life their hearts walk side by side

a  song echos their story


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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