Christmas Cheer #songs

winter alley lights

If I could write you a Christmas song it wouldn’t be too long:

Deck the Halls – Who builds a deck in their hall?

12 Lords a Leaping – Gotta be a royalty thing.

Frosty the snowman – What would you do if your snowman started walking down the street?

Let it Snow – I’m kinda enjoying the warm spell.

Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh – What happens when there is ice – less fun???

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – Never seen the nose so I can’t say “it glows”.

The ox and lamb kept time – They have watches?

Westward leading still proceeding following yonder star – Don’t they get lost during the day?

Silent Night – You obviously don’t know my kids…

Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer– Who was driving?

It’s the Most wonderful Time of the Year – indeed it is and I hope each of you have a wonderful Holiday!!!

candle lit music


I Dream in Color #poetry #photography


You have to admit

it never grows old

daily beauty I see

tho admittedly cold

tiny hands that are joined

each and every tide

drawing lines in the sand

lovely never subsides

and the children what glee

spontaneous in their fun

every time its a romp

catching ankles in the sun

every day is the best

and I promise that I dream

for a window to a new day

sun dawns on color streams

conch in hand

Have a listen

revelations of the sea

paint a picture

The Prompt today At Poets United Midweek Motif is Color. There are so many ways to go when writing about color – each a palette of beauty. And yes I am waxing a bit Dr. Seuss (wink)

Meaningless #poetry

petals in the snow

The words sung in a song

conveying 3 minutes of trite

something like

“you looked in my eyes

now its all gone wrong”


Wish washy

touch of your hand

electricity is spent

replaced with a sign says  “vacant”

over your heart


words you once said

attached to a laughter

we were writing love’s chapter

pages are dispersed

and driven over

during the evening rush hour


yes,it all meant something once

the roses, the wine, romance

the moonlight dance

where we promised…

that was before

it all froze in the snow


I need your love #love #poetry #photography

How can needing you

be wrong?

For the warmth of your hug

is so like

my need for the warmth of the sun

how can needing you be wrong?

when the glimmer in your eyes

is so like

the blue lights in the skies

how can needing you be wrong

when the delight in your smiles

is like

giggles in the air of a child

how can needing you be wrong?

when because of you

I once again am writing in the sky

I hope this needing is forever nigh

for there is nothing wrong

about needing your love!

Shared this over at WWP (we write poetry) – today’s prompt Stream of Consciousness

Photograph “Morning World” L. Moon 2011

Song of the Heart

How long had it been

since he first heard her voice?

listened for its sweetness

had no other choice


the very first time

up in the trees

carried her to him

in a soft gentle  breeze


Again he  heard her

surf carried  this  piece

strong and vivacious

she sang with the sea


hearing the oldies

loved her by then

musical harmony

sounds close to him


Lastly he heard her

each day at the start

she had woven her song

in the chords of his heart

That Certain Song (a poem)

That certain song

song from the past

takes me back

to a  feeling

when life was fast


Back to

those wild days

my memories revert

those boys

their so crazy ways


He was in the Navy

magical eyes of blue

Weir wolves of London

the song we knew


There was the athlete

sports car good looks

“Round About” by Yes


while we cooked


Then there was

“too hot”

what more could I say

“Sultans of Swing” – the Mustang

carried me away


Finally the man

who stole my heart

loved jazz

to him it was art


George Winston

the master

seasons said it all

one was my favorite

we married in the Fall

Photo: Stevecardman

License- Creative Commons