Aerodynamic #writing #aviation #poetry

airplane wing

Lift, weight, drag

nature needs no calculation

elements take flight


birds effortless soar

seasons provide inspiration

view from the eyrie


uncontrolled the wind

my mind shifts to the stars

blinded by moon dust

space shuttle


The prompt for Poet’s United Midweek Motif is “Wind Power.” 

Photo: Exhaust pipes Space Shuttle Discovery ©moondustdesigns 2014



Inside the Window #photography #poetry

Can you imagine what you could see

if you could climb inside of me

a window to another world

devoid of space and time

a place where travel is with light

and color is sublime

This week join The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge as we jump inside. A great place for the imagination to frolic.


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Alone #poetry #photography

empty canoe

No where do I belong

Empty as watery space

Alone a big place

No where do I belong

Alone a big watery space

When you are gone

No where do I belong 

Empty as alone in space

The form base of the poem is the Triolet that I then worked off of to spin integral meaning between the photograph and the poem.

Photograph “Empty Canoe” copyright 2012 L. Moon

Please respect copyright of these original works belonging to artist and poet  ~ L. Moon

Silence (One Shot Wednesday) #poetry

The space between our words

almost as piteous

as the distance between

our hearts


Unbearable silence

when you abandon me

I am left enslaved

on a thought

for days


To measure loneliness

by absence

of sound

expounds emptiness


my heart is trapped

in this vacuum


will  be

my ruin

Each week One Stop Poetry aspires to join poets together to express and inspire. One Shot Wednesday is an open community for those who  love to write poetry.

On the moon (a poem)

apart from a few rocks up here
it’s pretty desolate in space
they left a flag on display
colors, torn, and frayed

It’s dark and cold,

I feel misplaced

quite lonely here

no one’s near


you talk alot

to yourself I hear

will I lose my mind

oh dear!


what I love

about this place

to reflect on your
lovely face

A tribute to a spectacular Sci Fi , speculative fiction writer Ray Bradbury who lives in the clouds I believe. Still writing at 90!!!

Space and Dreams (55 Flash Fiction)

He sat behind the controls

the spaceship jostled as it met with some unexpected turbulence

he could feel the surge of  power

his ship was quickly ascending

leaving known terra for parts unknown

he was thrilled to make the trip

it was his first journey into space

the book fell from his hands

as he drifted into dreamland

It’s another week for  55 Flash Fiction with Mr. Know it All. Join us as we make sense in 55 words. We try!

thanks for this wonderful photo I feel like Tom Swift*

So close yet … (Flash Fiction 55 )

So close…

like a gentle whisper


it seems

a chasm away



as a continent


space nor time

cannot divide



to feel the pounding

in your chest


unable to give

breath of life


far away…

as forever


to be mine

day you slipped away

Go to the G-Man and read the fabulous Flash Fiction on that site.

Photo: Thanks  for “Ausable Chasm” by Dougtone

The Chasm

I woke up one morning

I’d dreamt of you

What I saw in my dream

I wouldn’t go through


Your arms wide open

eyes so blue

I was caught up

you -enjoying the view


I looked down

couldn’t believe

The space between us

a vast ravine


You smiled

look that I know

Why- The space?

had always been so


In the dream I remembered

The sadness ~ The space

never  together

no time- no place

Photo: “Ausable Chasm” by Dougtone

Little Calypso (Saturn’s moon discovered 1980)

Dear little sister

let me sing you a song

of big moons

and little ones

that shine all day long


I’m glad that we met

let’s look over the sea

of planets and galaxies

there’s a

whole history


Let’s dance dear Calypso

in the cosmos

let’s be free

no one is watching

our moon fantasy


Let’s write a story

about moons

you and me

put a  smile on my face

for the whole earth to see

photo taken by Cassini spacecraft


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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