The Overlooked Community (recognizing National Autism Awareness Month) )

Large Crowd Syndrome

Have you ever been in a large crowd where it seems that you are invisible? you are standing minding your own business and without cause someone rams into you. It’s worse when they don’t even acknowledge you with an “excuse me.” Don’t you feel dehumanized? I do. There is an entire community of people who experience that dehumanizing factor everyday.

Different Labels

The special needs community represents a vast array of people. They may all have different labels such as autism, cerebral palsy, mental disorder, Downs Syndrome, Blind, Deaf, paralyzed   impaired, impaired, impaired BUT they share something in common – they are living in an overlooked community.

If there were a city in the world filled with these folks would New York or London be large enough to contain them? Doubtful! And if there were such a city would they strive to meet the needs of this vast and differing community?

Would this city recognize and accept the musical talent, the scientific prowess, the analytical genius, the ease to accept and embrace others,  and the exuberant smiles that emanate from a child’s face.

The “Looked at Community”:

My question to the “looked at”  community why do we overlook this community so often? Are we afraid to share the hardships that families must endure each day. Do we not have the empathy to give hope to a young family with a new diagnosis? Are we so engrossed in “us”, that we fail to realize the needs of “them”?

Maybe you also agree that not enough is being done to encourage this community. You would welcome the opportunity to write blogs of encouragement and  be excited about the possibility to write useful non-fiction or fiction.

If you are looking for an outlet, then let’s talk there are many places where your skills can be used.


Social Media Networking – Is it working?

Social Media Networking – Is it Working?

I just spoke to a writer friend who is frustrated with the promises that the Social Media world makes.

I remember when I first “dipped into” the Social Media world. I was told that it would further my cause; people all over the world would hear what I was doing.  Sounded good – so I naively went in head first.

So the question does this new form of networking actually work?

I am as interested as you (maybe more) so I am casually polling people. Sorry folks no scientifically constructed survey.

Here’s what I have found out so far:

  • People are happy with Social Networking because they are making connection; friendships are being formed  out of those connections.
  • Many of my writer friends are finding that 1) more people are reading their stuff and commenting 2) they are connecting up with some fabulous writers 3) some have joined on-line writing “tribes” 4) over time book sales are up (not in huge numbers but they are creeping up).
  • Those with similar careers are connecting and sharing information- maybe getting advice pertaining to a situation confounding them at work
  • Mom’s groups are being established.
  • I am an advocate for special needs kids and just connected with a “site” for those involved with that community.

So far it seems that Social Media Networking has a value in making CONNECTIONS

Check back- I’m going to continue to dig around and see what this Social Media Animal is all about…

Photo: Webtreats  (license Creative Commons)