Bulgaria #haiku


sails browned by age

ancient are her treasures

footprints set in stone

The haiku prompt at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai is Bulgaria



Stone Cold #poetry #pen

you whispered a story

deep in my ear


I’d rather not ever hear



a bow about my heart

had screamed and tugged

torn me  all apart


Imagined I

dark beasts and worlds

spiraling  flames

that burned and curled


now the very thing

I dreamed

was the place I awakened

in a frightful scream


leave me not

no more alone

for in this grey reality

I awoke a stone

Please join me today at Pen of the Damned where my prose  grew from this poem.

pen of the damned

Awaken Me #poetry #photography

a new year 035

I lay here

cold and solitary

life passes by

I too inert to cry


Free once

to laugh and sing

 formed of sinew and bone

I now a mindless stone


“Where do you go?”

I call as they pass

you eddy and whirr

I dream to  momentarily stir


no use

I never can drift

with a meaningless sigh

once again I close my eyes


This poem is symbolic of my blogging state today. I am frozen and for some unknown reason can’t change a post I needed to reschedule. So I, like the stone, watch the words go by and I have little control.

Lonely Flower #haiku #photography #poetry

Striving Alone

 dead the stone grass

no home for me

(this photograph and haiku led to the Villanelle below)

Striving all alone

none can understand

I lie here as a stone


you hear not my pain’s groan

faint lifting of my hand

striving all alone


stripped clean like a bone

winter fell upon this land

I lie here as a stone


love I failed to own

life sifted like the sand

striving all alone


cold cannot atone

dark heart they call you man

I, silent as a stone


death has called me home

relieved of golden band

strived this life alone

I lie here as a stone


 This “Little Ones” episode is about the Burmese poetry form ‘Thanbauk’. It consists of three lines of four syllables each. Traditionally, they are full of humor. It also has a rhyme in it. The rhyme is on the fourth syllable of the first line, the third syllable of the second, and on the second syllable of the third.


The highly structured villanelle is a nineteen-line poem with two repeating rhymes and two refrains. The form is made up of five tercets followed by a quatrain. The first and third lines of the opening tercet are repeated alternately in the last lines of the succeeding stanzas; then in the final stanza, the refrain serves as the poem’s two concluding lines. Using capitals for the refrains and lowercase letters for the rhymes, the form could be expressed as: A1 b A2 / a b A1 / a b A2 / a b A1 / a b A2 / a b A1 A2.

Carpe Diem’s freestyle prompt Lonely Flower

The Water’s Will #haiku #photography

split stone

Intent on passage

water’s surge at weakness

stone cannot endure

Haiku gives a place to explore the profound meaning behind words.

Today’s prompt at Carpe Diem is “Willpower.” 

photography: “Split Stone” L. Moon © 2013

Dailypost/ WordPress Bittersweet #poetry #gift #photography

split stone

A day not so long ago

you looked into me with intense eyes

honesty probed my split heart

you hid not in mystery or guise


A day not so long ago

your fingers wrapped around mine

strong support with kindness

I lost all count of time


A day that seemed not so long ago

your love melted this torn heart

stitching back together hard edges of pain

that’s where we made a new start


A day that seemed not so long ago

a gift was offered to me

amidst a waterfall of tears

your open love and honesty

and I took it

You receive a gift that  is bittersweet, it makes you nostalgic. What is it???

The above is today’s WordPress Daily Post prompt.

Photography: “Split Stone” L. Moon copyright 2013

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The Bottom

Can you see

way down there

there’s a bottom

at the end of the stair

What once was

is lost

but  something new

is found

Can you see it

can you feel it

it’s life

come out of ruin

Cold hard stone

replaced by green



How does life

come from stone?


it was

someone’s home

Photograph: Castle Ruins by L. Moon