weekly-photo-challenge-threes #photography #haiku

facing dawn

hay fresh fragrance

swishing flies


This week the photo challenge at WordPress was threes

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Carefree #weeklyphotochallenge #haiku

Whether your exploration is far and wide or from your porch there’s a story to be told…

walking stick

Once life was carefree

I hiked among the young hills

they told a story


they told a story

of those who came and explored

life was new


life was new

stories spread far and wide

beauty held in the eye


beauty held in the eye

we walked the world this stick and I

now we sit on the porch

The weekly wordpress photo challenge is Carefree. Hope you hear the story of the walking stick. Perhaps you have a story of travel and exploration that should be told…

Photograph: “Walking Stick”  ©L. Moon 2013

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Sepia Tear #poetry #photography #loss

This tear for a friend…

her book

sepia were the tears

that fell

upon an old dog-eared page

too numerous to collect

so he turned them into words


sepia were the tears

welled up

in a sons loving eyes

conveying but a whisper

of years that had been lost


sepia were the tears

 upon my cheek

the day my eyes beheld

a journey of pain

intermingled with drops of love

This poem is inspired by a story told/ a journey of a fellow blogger, photographer, sojourner in a sepia world. The journey he shares too poignant to not shed a tear. Read his story  (Frizztext) and tell me if you don’t feel the same.

The Alley #poetry #photography #dark


Don’t stop

nor turn around

this alley is filled

with unknown rot


this is no spoof

what have you read in stories

they never bother

with the truth


if you want a story to tell

keep your eyes focused on

that light

as your heels are licked by hell

Part of Me (#short story)

A chubby little hand in the firm grasp of a stout Dutch woman with kind eyes. The fog may have concealed landmarks of  the street that loomed ahead but the smell of calf-skin leather leant comfort and stability. Tapered fingers would gently slide out of the gloves onto the keys. The pianist coaxed the songs of broadway from the lips of a shy little girl. Little fingers would wiggle in too big gloves as a little girl giggled and took in the scent of White shoulders and pretended she was a grown-up.

She gently tugged each frail finger off. The separation of the gloves apparent. Each motion  struck another key, a memory, of the woman who held her fast, put a song in her heart, and assured her she was loved. The gloves the only tangible evidence that her grandmother remained firmly fixed in her heart.

Thanks to Tess who hosts Magpie Tales each week. A Happy New Year to each of you as memories of the past fill your heart with a glow and prepare you for memories to come.

A Memory (microfiction monday)

Too long ago to remember

who was laying across from me

There must be someone

who still holds a memory

from long ago

Susan of Stony River has a great microfiction meme each week. Join her each week for the challenge.


In the event you would like to try your hand at some serious microfiction, here is a microfiction contest:

River Styx
2011 Schlafly Beer Micro-Fiction Contest

$1500 First Prize plus one case of micro-brewed Schlafly Beer

500 words maximum per story, up to three stories per entry.
$20 reading fee includes a one-year subscription
(3 issues).
Include name and address on cover letter only.
Entrants will be notified by S.A.S.E.
Winner published in Spring issue.
All stories will be considered for publication.

Postmark entries by December 31 to:

River Styx’s Schlafly Beer Micro-Fiction Contest
3547 Olive Street, Suite 107
St. Louis MO 63103

But the Cat (Microfiction Monday)

I’m  sweet – see my smile.

I would never do a thing

to cause you to  revile.

But cat-  spells alarm

she has a police record

as long as her arm.

Thanks to the sweet and gentle Susan who each week hosts this Micro Fiction Monday and does a fine job. Join us for the challenge to say something in few words.

Whatever it takes (Flash Fiction)

“Welcome to Heartless House,” the publishing rep said.

“We are confident that you will be one of our brightest stars.”

“Thank you,” she sighed as she clutched her manuscript close.

What he didn’t realize was each printed word was a drop of blood from her broken heart.

“Yes” she smiled “it makes a great story.”

This is just one of many stories in 55 or Flash Fiction. Mr. Knowitall hosts every Friday. Come join us!

These days I am so busy writing I am not shooting

grateful to Calliope for the nice shot


Hearts -Side by Side

He listens more to the words she writes

than most listen to the words she speaks

understands, anticipates the unspoken

what is this relationship?

transcendent reality, illusion of happiness

her mind  alive in him

world where thoughts merge

takes her breath away while never breathing the same air


blue of  her eyes seen in each clear sky

knows the gentle quiver of her smile

yet  never touches her lips

rose-like  softness and fragrance awaken his senses

each touch belongs to her fingertips

in the path of life their hearts walk side by side

a  song echos their story


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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