All the Right Ingredients #poetry #photography

  missing is your smile like a warm summer ray when the doves come to nest and the squirrels jump and play empty are my hands once filled with sweet dough melty good your cookies  so hard to let you go unfilled is the space that lies within my heart never can replace love thatContinue reading “All the Right Ingredients #poetry #photography”

Summer Dreams #haiku #photography

suwari taru fune ni neteiru atsusa kana in a boat grounded at low tide, taking a nap in the summer heat! © Yosa Buson swaying with the tide my dreams roll with the waves rope’s gentle tug On a warm summer’s afternoon, it is easy to doze into a nap filled with dreams. The promptContinue reading “Summer Dreams #haiku #photography”

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall… #poetry

Sun stands still blazing rays drink deeply I keep walking *** good to know you’ve got a friend no matter what the time the season bone chilled or sun filled days someone on whom you can depend * warm and welcome winter’s lantern a shelter from sheer dark and cold a hand to lead  through theContinue reading “Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall… #poetry”

You Are My Sunshine… #photography #nature

  you know the song sung long days ago always warmed the heart with season’s rays This set in response to the prompt at Cee’s fun foto challenge – “You are my sunshine” Join in the fun there’s always room for more!

Seasonal #poetry

  Reaching up my arms soaking in sun’s warmth my face catching rays I welcome these days *** impatient in Springtime they say I will ripen I dangle and wait hanging over your gate *** fingertips meet lips long for sweet juicy I run sticky chin – what fun *** such a short season neverContinue reading “Seasonal #poetry”

Departing Sea #haiku #sea #photography

  a clam torn from its shell departing autumn © Matsuo Basho (1644-1694) This is the last verse in Basho’s ‘Oku no Hosomichi’ ‘The Narrow Road to the Far North. Departing Autumn is the inspiration for today’s Carpe Diem.       autumn waves sea crushed shells alone remain summer footprints gone ~L. Moon

Welcome Summer #poetry #photography #solstice

  How long you have hidden averted your face the cold winter presence no longer a trace you hoped for the sunshine dreamed of the day fling back the shutters blow kisses and play finger the dew drops on velvety skin beauty is open a light from within fear not the darkness revel in todayContinue reading “Welcome Summer #poetry #photography #solstice”

Dance with the Monsoon #haiku #poetry #photography

In day’s heat I wait sense it coming in the air fragrant drops dance with me * fragrant drops dance with me Monsoon sweeps me off my feet drops all that remain     Kristjaan’s prompt is Monsoon Dance  which in itself is an inspiration to play with words. Photography: “Leaf Drop” © L. Moon 2013

Hidden Tears #haiku #photography

Hidden is the trace eves tears dangle in the breeze heat wipes them away Carpe Diem presents a special haiku challenge in memory of Kikaku whose haiku follows: such a beautiful face the pheasant scratches it with jagged spurs Photography “Hibiscus Beauty” © L. Moon  


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