Just Rocks and Water #amwriting #poetry #photography

but watch them a scintillating game hide and seek with the sun nothing too extraordinary just rocks and water * watch nothing ordinary in the way that nature lives, breathes grows and surges and we are mere spectators of its beauty The challenge at Verse First  is:  write a poem about something exceedingly ordinary, somethingContinue reading “Just Rocks and Water #amwriting #poetry #photography”

Each Day a Miracle #haiku #photography #nature

Contagious laughter life giggles as it just begins daily miracle Daily Miracle opens wide in the summer welcoming the sun Welcoming the sun miracles seen and unseen each day’s  horizon The last prompt for July at Carpe Diem  “Miracle” finishes off a month of reflections inspired by Paulo Coehlo Photography: “Happy”, “Azalea”, “Angle of Today” © imagesContinue reading “Each Day a Miracle #haiku #photography #nature”

Needing You More than Yesterday #poetry #photography

I just got off the plane heartsick still feels the same needing you more than yesterday my sleeve is wet with rain concealing well my pain  I’m needing you more than yesterday grasping for reasons why raising questions to the afternoon sky and I’m needing you more than yesterday already tried running away your smileContinue reading “Needing You More than Yesterday #poetry #photography”

I dance for Him Triolet #dailypost #poetry #photography

I dance in dreams for him my tears they fall on solemn days perhaps he cannot see me spin but if he could but touch the rays he sees my tears on solemn days if he could but grasp the rays I’d dance in moonlit dreams for him he’ll catch my tears on solemn daysContinue reading “I dance for Him Triolet #dailypost #poetry #photography”

A Fist Full of Sunshine #poetry #music #poetsunited

I remember grabbing for life and my first … Fist full of sunshine rays capturing my skin music rolling about my head fist full of sunshine fingers rolling plucking each base chord fist full of sunshine rushing in a stream synthesized dream fist full of sunshine forward  I run my ten fastest time yet fistContinue reading “A Fist Full of Sunshine #poetry #music #poetsunited”

Imminent Decay #haiku #photography #nature

look around a bend  starting of a new journey what will future hold ** what will future hold my imminent decay this life is so brief ** this life is so brief capture  the sun’s warmth today  fear not coming night     Over at Carpe Diem by Kristjaan the Tarot card prompt is death.Continue reading “Imminent Decay #haiku #photography #nature”

Why Must Love’s Light Fail? #music #poetry #love

Love’s light casts her glow Encircling two waltzing hearts  Reaching upward as he grows Love’s light casts her glow  Reaching upward as he grows Sunward is desire’s part Love’s light casts her glow Encircling two waltzing hearts *** Two late love soars high crashing low Why always must it be this way? I reach forContinue reading “Why Must Love’s Light Fail? #music #poetry #love”


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