Note of Surprise #haiku #photography

This week at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, Kristjaan is again challenging our writing with another Haiku lesson: “Maybe this episode had to be our first Haiku Writing Techniques episode, because this week it’s all about one of the basic writing techniques of haiku, the surprise, that one moment as long as the sound of aContinue reading “Note of Surprise #haiku #photography”

Empty Shell #haiku #art #photography

next to my footprint the empty shell of a hermit crab – Ah! what a sadness (c) Chèvrefeuille (2012) ***** Devoid of feeling punished by old dreams carried on a wave ~L. Moon Thanks to Kristjaan at Carpe Diem for another installation (part 2) of 3 part Vision Quest challenge where we have 24 hoursContinue reading “Empty Shell #haiku #art #photography”

Tear of a Star #shortstory #amwriting #flashfiction

They tried to capture it – my tear The myth was if you caught one tear of a star you could rule the world. But they got it wrong. If you managed to get me, a star , upset I would not cry  there would be natural disasters The world would vomit its dead, stormsContinue reading “Tear of a Star #shortstory #amwriting #flashfiction”

Love blown Off course #poetry #haiku #photography

Crystal tear reveals broken heart has gone stone cold no place for this pain * No place for this pain the snow has covered all tracks one misty last kiss * One misty last kiss crystal tear only remains a love blown off course Photograph: The amazing shot was taken by yellowcloud

Slipping Away #poetry #photography

With the passing of each day more of you slips away pulling me into a sea of memory falling falling are the leaves that like  tears fall from the trees **** I run try to fly catching each one with my eyes my hands hold a bunch I sadly am unable to crunch the lastContinue reading “Slipping Away #poetry #photography”

A Tear #oneshotwednesday

I caught a tear that fell from your eye as I watched  it mingled with mine * Was it  your cheek where it fell? glistening sorrow or was it mine? * I felt the dampness lost in the confusion caught in the pool of sadness ** An expression of the past what was lost wet,Continue reading “A Tear #oneshotwednesday”


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