Alone with her beauty #magpietales #poetry

A beauty they claimed

her eyes full of fire

the men wanted those lips

and … yes hot with desire

though songs were sung  pictures painted

she waited for love



an aging beauty they said

her eyes full of tears

the scores and paintings now smeared

hoping for one

to dry her eyes

she stood waiting



wrinkled now with only a faint glow

she looked to the moon

“it’s late I know”

turning she beheld wrinkled and gray

he had always been there

never seen til this day

she smiled and he saw her beauty

no longer


The picture speaks of a woman rejected and alone. I had to throw in some hope even as the night approaches.

Thanks to the gracious Tess Kincaid who hosts Magpie Tales week after week for all to enjoy.

What Lies in the Mirror? #magpietales #poetry

Look into a reflection – you might see truth you might see lies

I looked upon the reflective source of yesterday

 daring not enter my gaze too deep

for the closer I wandered in my mind

the more one I would become with said image

a mere reflection “no”

for there I see you

you the one who feigned connection

believing you as a part of me

told me things I longed to hear

whispers long in the night

 into my lonely ear

caused longing for something that was never

and like a fool I harkened to a voice

fractual promises never granted

realizing my blunder

I inserted into the mirror

my empty heart

whether from love or naught

left said reflection in your hands

do not believe the smile is for you

This piece of prose is a late offering to the respected hostess of Magpie Tales – Tess Kincaid where weekly she gives writers a prompt challenge.

Dream Machine #flashfiction #magpietales

Ever had a dream where you , the dreamer, didn’t view the whole dream?

“I had a wonderful dream,” I said to my roommate my hair in a very mussed state.

“Oh but then you are always having dreams,” she grinned.” What was the dream this time?”

“It was more dreamy than usual. It was if  a fog machine was on in my room.

The hottie who is always in my dreams was in a three piece suit. Ive never seen him dressed like that.

He told me he loved what I was wearing.

Then the fog rose. I didnt see the rest of my own dream. Must have been X rated.”

“Well in your case roomie PG-13.”

I laughed ” I guess you are right. I woke up fully clothed.”


Thanks Tess for the great picture prompt for this week’s Magpie Tales



Raven’s Rain #microfiction #magpietales

Is there a solution to pain? The wind and the raven have theirs.

I looked in her eyes.

So much sorrow

so  much pain.

As tears began to fall

they were more turbulent

than the rain

what can I do

to remove this blight?

for she is my everything

my true love’s delight!

Yet what can a mere

black raven do?

I  am small


insignificant too!

Then I heard

the wind’s roar through the rain.

I will turn her black as the night

give her feathers

remove this bane.

We will never caress

nor will we embrace.

But of her tears

there is no memory nor trace.

thanks to Magpie Tales for a wonderful challenge to put this picture to words and to the beautiful Tess Kincaid who makes this happen


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


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