The Journey Makes All the Difference #photochallenge

Always another bend in the road

before we reach those we love

always another step to take

before were are home

always another hill to climb

before we are here and safe

The Daily Post Photochallenge for this week is On The Way. What journeys do you experience on the way?


Memory’s Sandy Remnants #poetry #photography #travel

In my shoes lays a trace

little flecks of sand

carrying vibrant still

stories and songs

I miss my summer friends

In my pocket my fingers lace

reminders of a far off land

memory the fibers fill

days that lingered long

I miss my summer friends

In my heart a place

little flecks of sand

the hour glass is still

places where I’ve gone

alas the journey ends


Wishing each of you sandy memories…

And I was No Where at All #microfiction #travel #dpchallenge

Destination: no where at all

The words flashed on the screen in the airport.

I was glad to be on my last leg of my journey.

“Where was it the ticket said I was going?”

No matter the airline knows.

The pilot most certainly knows.

As I grabbed my gear,

a back pack that had once been a suitcase on wheels,

I ascended 4 metal steps on the bus.

I scratched my head at what should be unfamiliar.

There it was a seat – my temporary objective.

I smiled as I sat down into pleasant discomfort.

“I’ll order a coffee when the flight attendant comes by.”

Then began our journey on what must have at one time been round.

I saw long grey, fuzzy ears and remarked,

“One donkey is able to pull all of us?”

As I looked around, it was only myself and the driver.

Then after what seemed an interminable, short-time we stopped.

The donkey brayed unwilling to go a step further.

“This is the end of the road,” the driver said in a language I did not understand.

An old weather beaten sign said “You have reached: NO WHERE Population: Unknown



no where

Today’s prompt at WordPress is In Transit. I was feeling a bit Dr Whoish

Train stations, airport terminals, subway stops: soulless spaces full of distracted, stressed zombies, or magical sets for fleeting, interlocking human stories?

Where Did I Lose My Name? #poetry #travel

new name


Somewhere between LAX, Charlotte  and Baltimore

I lost my identity

in the airplane engine’s intake

(or in the Starbuck’s line)

I was sucked in

spun about

spit out on a cup

what remains are three letters

that don’t belong to me

I finger them

striving for meaning

squinting for an answer

“L” always a sexy letter

that looks better curvy

saying “linger on my loops”

“I” is almost floating away

in a cloud of after thought

at 30,000 feet

“Z” a backwards s

the sound buzzes through your teeth

rather than hisses

and where am I?

Drowning in remembrance

attached to another name?

or talking in strange tones

after too much helium?

gather up your bags

whoever you are

there is  another leg to life’s journey

regardless of the name


Ever had your name spelled wrong? Been called something else? How do you respond?

Travel with me #photography #poetry

All over the world

have I gone

each pin on the map

a smiling face

where you belong

your homes you opened

dirt floor or no

tiny rooms

on a small lift

you go

living with you

no matter no where

showed a window to love

generous people who cared

I have travelled all over the world. In many of my sojourns I have been welcomed into the homes of the people I have worked with. I have slept in a 1950 milk truck, the upstairs of a church, the dirt floor of an orphanage,..

Daily Post Prompt: If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world, where would you go? Anywhere / the world is filled with gracious people with open arms.

Photographers, artists, Anywhere / the world is filled with gracious people with open arms.poets: show us TRAVELS.

Photography images the © property of L. moon 2013

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Inside the Window #photography #poetry

Can you imagine what you could see

if you could climb inside of me

a window to another world

devoid of space and time

a place where travel is with light

and color is sublime

This week join The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge as we jump inside. A great place for the imagination to frolic.


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Travel Through My Tears #dailyprompt #travel #photography

Today’s Daily Post Challenge is  cross country travel 

summer awakens

She left me today -here

the otherside of the country in her horizon

as I drove away

I could only see pink through my tears

Were I a bird

I’d be glad to see

my fledgling’s contrail

lifted high above the world

morning world

I put my daughter on a plane today and only had the foresight to take a picture of the beautiful sunrise that greeted my day as I traveled through tears.

If I had to choose the form of travel to cross the country it would be flying though I’ve driven by car

Photography:  “summer awakens” and “morning world” © L. Moon 2013

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I can hear the chorus #NWCU #poetry #Photography #travel

You stand so still these days

yet in each brick

I hear a phrase

“Gloria in Excelsis Deo”


Angels supplication

as your heart’s pour out

remove the suffocation

of these troublesome times


For peace our plea hear

good will toward all men

Women’s tears

bathe the earthen floor


mine mingle with theirs

in a unified Accapella chorus

that spans these years

between aged walls

Photography: “Sound in the Old Chapel” L. Moon copyright 2006

On a visit to UK, several of us chorused Christmas Carols (in August) in an ancient chapel. The harmonic tones rung so rich off those old brick walls.

Enjoy today at NWCU and Wednesday Wake Up Call hosted by Joanne Eliot.

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