Love Her #earthday #poetry

A brush, my fingers are entranced inhaling rich loamy soil time upon time ago what were you? acorns found a safe harbor limbs created wind breaker mules with plows toiled deer on fallen leaves pranced I kneel beneath arbor I hold today’s beauty before she … becomes rooted with her maker   It is Earth DayContinue reading “Love Her #earthday #poetry”

My Friend the Tree #childhood #poetry #photography

∧ Once a friend was a tree sometimes it was a “she” while other times it was a “he” I looked up to you and I sang to my heart’s content you never minded all the time that we spent Had you a person been you would have complained when on your limbs I climbed and playedContinue reading “My Friend the Tree #childhood #poetry #photography”

In #atozchallenge #poetry #photography

I looked in to you waving in the breeze a smile big as the sun climbing with my knees laying beneath you in  your big shadow nature’s bed at my command sand between my toes I ate from your fruit white and juicy meat hardest nut I’d cracked my mess’n wasn’t neat     “A thousand words will not soContinue reading “In #atozchallenge #poetry #photography”

Autumn Stripped Bare #photography

“My sorrow,when she’s here with me, thinks these dark days of autumn rain are beautiful as days can be. she loves the bare, the withered tree, she walks the sodden pasture lane.” ~Robert Frost This Week’s picture and quote prompt  provided by Ese is bare. Autumn a fitting time for bare and black and white.Continue reading “Autumn Stripped Bare #photography”

Captivated by another place #poetry #photography

In the world of trees when not as high as your knees I sang a song nature sang along In storms and gales I’d raise the sails the salty mist was my first kiss by light of  books and art I’d play my harp and dream of places magnificent horse races the places I loveContinue reading “Captivated by another place #poetry #photography”

The Forest or the Trees? #wordpress #dailypost #poetry #photography

When you gaze out your window (literally or figuratively) do you see the forest or the trees???? Run my fingertips through mossy hair flick water drop rainbows toward the sky inhale your loamy essence run my hands over your rocky surfaces grasp the prisms of  sunlight listen to your voice as you rush by …andContinue reading “The Forest or the Trees? #wordpress #dailypost #poetry #photography”

Waiting for You #poem (One shot Wednesday)

I sat looking Waiting Hoping for One last glimpse of us *** There we were on our bench the picture so clear sweet summer fragrance eyes only for each other *** You held me tight beneath the maple trees emanating warmth even in the fall breeze *** Words they heard in our lover’s embrace carefully conveyedContinue reading “Waiting for You #poem (One shot Wednesday)”

Song of the Heart

How long had it been since he first heard her voice? listened for its sweetness had no other choice *** the very first time up in the trees carried her to him in a soft gentle  breeze *** Again he  heard her surf carried  this  piece strong and vivacious she sang with the sea ***Continue reading “Song of the Heart”


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