Gnawing Nervousness … #shortyaward #twitter #atoz

Cheers to all those in NYC waiting on the edge of their seat to hear their name called at the Twitter Shorty Awards.

Jupiter’s Pain by Guest Poet Kerry Ann Mansford #oneshotwednesday

Jupiter’s Pain She must have been uncreased once, embraced inside those glistening rings, 63 moons in place. She must have been a young Pain,  once, skipping down a flower lit path, spotless kneed, soft palmed, her unchartered globes rambling rose kissed, before gravel plumed and fell, magma bound, magnetic will, cored I cannot see myContinue reading “Jupiter’s Pain by Guest Poet Kerry Ann Mansford #oneshotwednesday”

Pretty Lady #flashfiction #NYC

It was a big night in the Big Apple ~ the city that never sleeps. Dressed in their “starving poets” best They anticipated: standing before a crowd of illustrious people what would they say?… “Thank you” for recognition of a community of poets ~ artists… ….”this is for the One Stop Poetry community which weContinue reading “Pretty Lady #flashfiction #NYC”

Star Chased Memories Guest Post by Steve Thompson #oneshotwednesday @dreamersteve_99

It is a privilege to have my friend Steve Thompson aka @dreamersteve_99 ( Twitter) on my blog for One Shot Wednesday. “Life is my inspiration.I am a newbie in poetland.Lover of my fellow poets on a journey with dreamers of like ambition humbled by others.” Hopefully Steve will have a blog where you can read hisContinue reading “Star Chased Memories Guest Post by Steve Thompson #oneshotwednesday @dreamersteve_99”

Two Art Forms Joined because of Social Media Networking

One Stop Poetry – Where Poets, Writers and Artists Meet: One Shoot Photography Sunday Interview Spotlight: The Creators of Mosaïque Journey After discovering each other’s artistry via Twiiter, their mutual artistic respect transformed into a beautiful merging of poetry & photography between “mutual tweeps.” Author/Blogger, Adam Dustus, interviews photographer @traceimages and poet @Jemfyr for OneContinue reading “Two Art Forms Joined because of Social Media Networking”

How Far is Too Far (Cyber Harassment)

I am sickened to learn of a College student’s suicide because of the cruel actions of a fellow collegian. The collegian conveyed information via twitter and probably You Tube to show scandalous footage of this  fellow student. What is the motivator? Jealousy?  Was the fact that this young man had the potential to make it bigContinue reading “How Far is Too Far (Cyber Harassment)”

Just a Text

“Damn you,” she clenched her fists wanting to throw her iphone, where she read his last message, against the wall. “Are you really going to just walk out of my life after a text?” They had met on-line. Isn’t that where everyone meets these days? Many things in common: thrill seekers, loved life, hated commitment,Continue reading “Just a Text”

Blown Away (by people in the Social Media Networking Arena)

Amazing people in the Social Media Networking Arena: Gotta say to all the Social Media movers and shakers out there – You are Amazing!! When I started with the Networking craze – I was skeptical. In the beginning: I was wondering if I was spitting in the wind or worse talking to myself.  I was!Continue reading “Blown Away (by people in the Social Media Networking Arena)”

Tweetin’ Donuts and Social Media

“Twitter represents a gold mine of marketing possibilities, but the vast majority of firms haven’t figured out how to transform those 140-character tweets into sales.” (or so the folks  at are saying) Ok ~ I’ve been stressing that thousands of people aren’t buying my book (YET)! I realize I am not alone. Only 35%Continue reading “Tweetin’ Donuts and Social Media”


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