Valentine Card #love #haiku #photography #valentine

heart hydrangea

Love invisible

rooted deep within the heart

grows strong like the oak

layered rose

soft scents of flowers

spring blooms in lovers eyes

desires entangle

This week at Poet’s United we are besting Hallmark with personal  expressions of love!!! Love is not a card.


It’s just for a day… #poem #photography #valentine

the heart
were it  for a day
should I gently
such a precious thing
recipient of my dreams
in your hands?
were it for a day
would I with but single thought
an offering
treat you like a king
at attention would I stand?
were it for a day
present for you
a feast
decant my finest wine
give all that is mine
pretend that you are grand?
were it for one day
with this
rusty key
I’d offer you  my love
poured out from my heart
devotion to one man
The Key took its own direction and as I was meandering toward romantic it was turning another way but I guess in the end we came to an agreement – of sorts.
A most Happy Valentine’s Day. My valentine is far from the moon; the key will have to keep me company.
The Midweek Motif (at Poet’s United)  not surprisingly is Heart.
Who would hold the key to yours????

Bleeding heart #poetry #photography #valentine

broken rose

I took a pose

and beautifully fell

caught by stiff icy arms

elegant red rose


I tried to arise

from  white blanket cold

no hot house warmth

flower, snow and stone


lift me as I groan

nothing can I feel

what once ran free

a bleeding heart alone


no tears remain for me

shriveled up and dead

wind blows away at will

valentine’s face this  dread

Strengthened by your love #poetry #valentine’sday


Words I write in moon light

Strengthened by your love

Captive of the morn’s night

Words reflect in moon light

Captive of the morn’s night

Set free like dawn’s dove

Words inscribed in moon light

Strengthened so by love

This Triolet is dedicated to lovers on Valentine’s Day and to the Moon!

Poet’s United prompt this week is Committed 

Be Mine #Valentine



I gaze into the waters of the Maldives

Crystal clear bluer than blue

I see life that urges me to reach in touch

Purple wisps of the anemone waves to me

Vibrant red of a starfish dares me to play tug of war

Ray skirts the sandy floor


I am mesmerized …

Blue eyes reflect the mystery of the stars

Comets fall from the skies into those brilliant eyes

I cannot look away

Enslaved by the vortex like trance


I blink and see undulation

Pale blue in comparison

… you are gone

Or were you ever?

Is my mind playing tricks?

The moisture there is from your lips


Walking the sandy beach I hear a splash

Dolphins imbibing the sunlight

A giggle escapes

They swim on in their watery escapade

A carefree dance


There you are – smiling

Teasing me

corners of your mouth beckoning

Walk with me

Dance with me

Love with me


Will we be able to sustain the impact?

When hearts collide

a big bang not in theory

Don’t leave me

Come out of my dreams


Be my desire

my companion

Share the sun

Inhale love’s delights



“At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet” ~Plato


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