Caught by her… #vampire #flashfiction

“you can have all of them or me”

she waved her hand at an impressive lineup of beautiful women

“what was it about her that captivated me and would not let me go?

Hmmm could it have been the long raven hair to go with those long, silky legs

or perhaps those eyes that held me in a mystical trance?


Her voice smooth yet strong

fingers that laced in my hair not letting me go?


was it

is it

by chance

those lips

ruby red

perfect in every way

dripping sweet, sensuous blood





Thanks to Jenny Matlock for a superb prompt for her Saturday Centus. This lady “takes the cake…” Try this prompt out !


“I Need Some Blood… ” #flashfiction #halloween #blood

…She said her beautiful white fangs that glistened in contrast to her black cape.

“It won’t hurt much.   I need  a few drops, a small sample.”

“Put me out of my misery” I screamed as they tied me down, prepared the concoction, drawing the syringe back

this will be the end…



( Today I had a root canal; I would have done anything to relieve the pain – well almost)

thanks to G-Man for hosting yet another episode of  Friday Flash Fiction