Time is ticking away #death #life #poetry

they asked me when I was a kid how long they thought i’d live i said” i don’t know maybe after the world is covered with snow.” they asked me when I was a sailor how long I thought til it was over? i shook my head, “my best friend yesterday at 20 was dead”Continue reading “Time is ticking away #death #life #poetry”

In A Perfect World… #poetry

Sun starts to rise in orderly array all in a days work In a perfect world *** Air clean and fresh No cause for dismay all in a days work In a perfect world *** No societal clash No war today all in a days work In a perfect world *** Children play Comfort alwaysContinue reading “In A Perfect World… #poetry”

My Friend the Veteran (#Tribute for #Veteran’s Day)

I look in your eyes my friend there are scars behind what most people see Don’t look too close they beg and plead Here’s what they would say: There was Mark from Arkansas he lost his leg Billy’s from Tennessee  is somewhere in a keg Cort from New York came home in a bag GayContinue reading “My Friend the Veteran (#Tribute for #Veteran’s Day)”

Just a Text

“Damn you,” she clenched her fists wanting to throw her iphone, where she read his last message, against the wall. “Are you really going to just walk out of my life after a text?” They had met on-line. Isn’t that where everyone meets these days? Many things in common: thrill seekers, loved life, hated commitment,Continue reading “Just a Text”

All For Freedom (Flash Fiction)

For more flash fiction go to Monkey Man I am part of a group starting a new site for poets. We hope to create a writer’s community. Ck us out at One Shot Poetry They heard the tat tat tat of gunfire, felt the ground tremble, watched a pathetic swatch of cloth wave with stars,Continue reading “All For Freedom (Flash Fiction)”

It Fit Well in Her Hands

The Leica camera fit well in her hands. It was so sleek compared to her old Brownie. She was an amateur photographer studying photo journalism. She’d been told the Leica would be a good camera to start her career with. She couldn’t afford a new camera; her aunt, while touring in Europe, picked up theContinue reading “It Fit Well in Her Hands”

She must have really loved him

She must have really loved him She waited patiently Year after year Read letters and cards Still no one near She hoped and prayed For him to be safe For him to come home For time to pass not wanting to be alone What was it she saw What was it she feared Was itContinue reading “She must have really loved him”

The Worst Part (a look at the twilight years)

“This is the worst part of my life” she moaned. “Everything is in the past nothing is in the future. Why didn’t I invest in life with more vigor more passion?” She is in the twilight years of her life. Not much more to do than eat, sleep, and shuffle. Hearing aids augment sounds butContinue reading “The Worst Part (a look at the twilight years)”


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