Frozen Spring #haiku #spring

  Spring dreams ballerina water dance frozen in motion  En pointe hydrangea surrounds the stage ballerina’s spray This poem for Poetry Pantry at Poet’s United was written in the heart of winter. The ballerina in these haiku awaits the opening of spring’s curtain. I am so grateful to Poet’s United for the interview about the poetryContinue reading “Frozen Spring #haiku #spring”

Melancholia #haiku #photography

stirring my fingers pool of liquid memory filled with for nevers Melancholy is the prompt at Carpe Diem. Many of us are melancholic wishing for spring to come. I Wanted to share that submissions are now being accepted for the project for the children orphaned by Ebola. All poets and haiku poets welcome to shareContinue reading “Melancholia #haiku #photography”

Note of Surprise #haiku #photography

This week at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, Kristjaan is again challenging our writing with another Haiku lesson: “Maybe this episode had to be our first Haiku Writing Techniques episode, because this week it’s all about one of the basic writing techniques of haiku, the surprise, that one moment as long as the sound of aContinue reading “Note of Surprise #haiku #photography”

Yesterday’s New #dpchallenge #photography #poetry

… it flowed away from yesterday journey’s path was set anew what came between us can’t be read in tomorrow’s news let us leap toward a new day one I see rising on the horizon no need for a replay let’s race to meet the sun A new year is time for many things. YesContinue reading “Yesterday’s New #dpchallenge #photography #poetry”

Drink Up California #water #poetry #Californiadrought

Drink up California I say lift your glass high and as you do look the politicians in the eye mismanaged this drought this time around not sure what you’ll find if you run for high ground Drink up California I say lift up your glass for your  government needs a kick in the (rhymes with glass)Continue reading “Drink Up California #water #poetry #Californiadrought”

Just Between Friends #haiku #photography #dpchallenge

        you go round and round your smile seems so phony Botox?     you never touch the same place twice you flow through a coppery tube I dance I surf I freeze in winter you got me there Today’s DP Photo Challenge was a fun one. The prompt “Dialogue” with aContinue reading “Just Between Friends #haiku #photography #dpchallenge”

Changing Seasons #Bible #ourworld #war

  Blessing comes in the form of peace safe haven while war rages about Blessing comes in refreshment sparkling waters flow in time of drought blessing comes in the form of life leaves remain green though nothing lives blessing comes in the form of provision  there is enough when resources are destitute ~MDW   AreContinue reading “Changing Seasons #Bible #ourworld #war”

Drop #drawing #photographychallenge

 add a little color insert a story line the subtle drop a magical design contrast adds spice a ripple or wave word or image we gasp, we rave Today’s prompt at DP photochallenge is Contrast. I have been having some fun this week taking my simple pencil drawings and giving them some color and contrast.Continue reading “Drop #drawing #photographychallenge”

Captive of “Q” #poetry #atozchallenge #photography

Wrapped in bubbles quintessentially caught A cool reflection ebullient pop “And he repents in thorns that sleeps in beds of roses” ~Francis Quarles Quatrain: A four-line stanza, rhyming -ABAC or ABCB (known as unbounded or ballad quatrain), -AABB (a double couplet); -ABAB (known as interlaced, alternate, or heroic), -ABBA (known as envelope or enclosed), -AABA, (Facts provided by  

Nothing #atozchallenge #poetry #photography

There is a place called “nothing” devoid of space and time I guarantee it’s real Represents a frame of mind *** “Nothing” you might say is empty Some might say it’s flat A question merely lingers “Nothing”- where is that? *** Could nothing be a place A place where you are not People point andContinue reading “Nothing #atozchallenge #poetry #photography”


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