Stopping for the Calm #poetry #photography

  I had to stop reflect on  blue the water so beautiful like something else I knew a robin’s egg readied for spring blue morpho butterfly perched on a twig I had to stop reflect on  water were it spring I would not have bothered the rain had been a soaking downpour in little less than an hourContinue reading “Stopping for the Calm #poetry #photography”

Daily Post:Sink or Swim #poetry #photography #dpchallenge

I was asked to do this alone swim the ocean while they all watched me carrying a stone * lap by lap each travail those I thought I loved held their breath waiting for me to fail * society wills the fall no program teaches me to swim empty promises thrown my way til manyContinue reading “Daily Post:Sink or Swim #poetry #photography #dpchallenge”

Love in the river #haiku #photography #Ezrapound

It is our objective at Carpe Diem to distill Ezra Pound’s sorrowful poem: ”The River-Merchant’s Wife” which is a translation of a poem by Li Po (an ancient Chinese poet) While my hair was still cut straight across my forehead I played about the front gate, pulling flowers. You came by on bamboo stilts, playingContinue reading “Love in the river #haiku #photography #Ezrapound”

weekly-photo-challenge-layers #photography #poetry

Between the pages my words are captive you’ve seen them thousands of times but did you know they were mine? * My eyes seek Beyond the layers boxes, cubes flat and round plants, glass, concrete reaching for the sky * Reflection’s sea silence is frozen in a watery world today you are a mill tomorrowContinue reading “weekly-photo-challenge-layers #photography #poetry”

River Stones #haiku #tan renga #photography

River stones caressed by flowing water pale moon shines ~Becca Givens smooth to the touch memories reflections of my life Today’s Carpe Diem prompt come from Rebecca Givens beautiful haiku, I will attempt to echo the sentiment in her verse. Celebrate with us at Carpe Diem as we spend the month writing Tan Renga.  Tan Renga isContinue reading “River Stones #haiku #tan renga #photography”

Everyday Patterns #photography #poetry

Catch the light let it flow running fast in winter slow Nature’s patterns strong and firm Man’s designs crisscross or curved * patterns do enhance or world places for children to climb, dive or twirl The WordPress Photography Challenge this week is Lines and Patterns. Today my words run in lines and my photography picksContinue reading “Everyday Patterns #photography #poetry”

Just Rocks and Water #amwriting #poetry #photography

but watch them a scintillating game hide and seek with the sun nothing too extraordinary just rocks and water * watch nothing ordinary in the way that nature lives, breathes grows and surges and we are mere spectators of its beauty The challenge at Verse First  is:  write a poem about something exceedingly ordinary, somethingContinue reading “Just Rocks and Water #amwriting #poetry #photography”


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