What Effects You? #haiku #photography #poem

candle lit music

the baton is raised

one in a series we play

fingers steady

autumn ripples

cast the first stone

lives touched beyond my reach

ripple effects

Everything we do, even the slightest thing we do, can have a ripple effect and repercussions that emanate. If you throw a pebble into the water in one side of the ocean, it can create a tidal wave on the other side.

~Victor Webster

The last prompt for Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem 2 year anniversary is Movement. A vast topic to be sure.


To the Tune of…. #dpchallenge #poetry #lyrics #imagine

yellow rose

If One Word Could Change…

this bleeding world

it would open eyes to see

beyond the stars and past the scars

 garden of sublime beauty

what a difference a word  could make

in this world it might be free

what a difference the words would be

if we thought of “you and me”


an angry heart

set young girls as captives free

still the troubled and confused mind

like a swift but cooling stream

what a difference a word would make

what a filling soothing  dream

what a difference a word would make

how a child’s face would beam


a smoking gun

give a child a rose instead

balloon is freed with hope aloft

floating above the hate and dread

what a difference a word could make

like eagles we would soar

all the songs were sung by open hearts

no need for rich or poor


the plots of man

muddied policies made clear

shut the gates of indecision closed

unite people there and here

what a difference a word could make

spoken by a healing tongue

what a dreamy place this world could be

for the elder and their young

The DP Writing Challenge for the week is “To the Tune of…”  Have a little fun and try your hand at writing or rewriting song lyrics.

I wrote this poem thinking of it lyrically but I really dont have music to put it to. This is a song that I would have to compose. However the song Imagine by John Lennon is the background sentiment to these lyrics.

Under Glass #crimea #Ukraine #photography #poetry

under glass

Like a science project

something to be analyzed

we never touch you

we only observe

write the data

pen the findings

draw a conclusion

You in the world’s fishbowl

swimming against a red tide

only to find

all of your school is missing

though the report

“only a few are dead”

Brilliant you fighting fish

swimming in cadence

parading about in colorful costume

destroying the inhabitants

watery souls

face down in the sea


I can find nothing about friends who reside in Crimea.

Ukrainians who love their country are threatened with each step .

My friends where have you gone???


photo-challenge-one #photography #poetry #Christmas

One candle shone brightly

on a lonely face

where a smile once belonged

One candle shone brightly

through solitary leaf

worn by days

one candle shone brightly

a tiny creature

burdened and alone

one candle shone brightly

on a world

reaching for the light

fall light

This week’s photo challenge at WordPress is One

Wishing each of you a wonderful and warm Holiday season!!!

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When Time Stopped #microfiction #amwriting

I remember it like it was yesterday – the clock stopped at quarter til the hour.

I was on an outbound train going where I couldn’t remember

That was the crazy part – no one remembered what they were supposed to do next.

Looking back I’m not sure if we stopped when time stopped or if  a frozen state ensued from not knowing what to do when time stood still.

Some people stood as if in denial.

I think they were willing time to do something different.

Others, I am sure, were afraid to move as if the clock would crack and the “sameness” of life with it.

My life course changed profoundly that night.

I was bound for University. You know settle into a routine, surrounded by fellow students and books, go the requisite number of parties and games.

Each student predictably going the same general direction that was pre-ordained for us by our professors.

For me, at the moment when time stood still, something clicked like the second hand of life rebelled.

I grabbed up my things and started walking. There were a few others who independently decided to do the same thing.

We walked into the night and haven’t stopped. A few people with the same mindset have joined us along the way.

It’s curious, even after years, we notice in every town we come to there is a group of people staring at a clock with the large hand on the 9.


Today’s Daily Post (writing) prompt: For a moment today, time stands still — but you can tweak one thing while it’s stopped. What do you do?

And the photo prompt: Stillness

I guess my tweak was to break the rules when the time stopped and write a short sci-fi interpretation of the prompt.

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Inside the Window #photography #poetry

Can you imagine what you could see

if you could climb inside of me

a window to another world

devoid of space and time

a place where travel is with light

and color is sublime

This week join The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge as we jump inside. A great place for the imagination to frolic.


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Captivated by another place #poetry #photography


In the world of trees

when not as high as your knees

I sang a song

nature sang along

In storms and gales

I’d raise the sails

the salty mist

was my first kiss

by light of  books and art

I’d play my harp

and dream of places

magnificent horse races

the places I love

are rapturous above

and far below

where beasts bellow

The imagination vivid

where I’ve oft lived

where worlds unfold

endless stories told

This poem inspired by Sherry over at Poet’s United her prompt today “A favorite place you love”

poets united

Photograph: Life of a tree © L. Moon 2013

Carefree #weeklyphotochallenge #haiku

walking stick

Once life was carefree

I hiked among the young hills

they told a story


they told a story

of those who came and explored

life was new


life was new

stories spread far and wide

beauty held in the eye


beauty held in the eye

we walked the world this stick and I

now we sit on the porch

The weekly wordpress photo challenge is Carefree. Hope you hear the story of the walking stick. Perhaps you have a story of travel and exploration that should be told…

Photograph: “Walking Stick”  ©L. Moon 2013

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They Call her Peace #poetry #photography

A rose called Peace

In my hand I held her

a fragrance that grows faint

she dipped into the sunshine

we insulted her with paint


In my hand I held her

not wanting to let her go

breezy calm like spring time

I wish they’d let her grow


In my hand I held her

though she damaged by the storm

the reds of hate assailed her

hopes and dreams were dashed and torn


In my hand I held her

she seems so out of reach

man  bent on world dominion

her name – they call her Peace

Kim’s prompt for Poet’s United / Verse First is Close to the Source. When I saw the little blossom on my rose bush (this am), I felt the need to write this for her. The bugs and deer rarely leave a bloom. The symbolism is strong for this little rose.

poets united

Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – The Forest #photography

wood dragon

You may think you can see my world that the wood dragon guards

winter woods

but you cannot know of the beast who stalks in its cold

blue dawn photo rendering

your eye distracted by blue horizons at dawn

vibrant fall

colors captivate you and you fail to hear the distant snarls

Ripples of Life

already mesmirized in the reflection of the lady’s wooded pool

amber glow

you fail to see the true light


beware the world beyond the gate – My World!

I’m participating in this weeks <a href=”http://letsbewild.com/photo-challenge/wild-weekly-photo-challenge-34-the-forest/“>Lets Be Wild Photo Challenge</a> This week’s challenge is the Forest. Check out the beautiful photography!