“Be Mine” writing-challenge-valentine #poetry #valentine’sday

What if he should read the words I wrote 100 years from now of knights and dragons and hidden away princesses would he think it mere fantasy? *  I write faithfully with my pen of dark misty hollows places to be lost corners to be found hoping dreams never to end * can ideas inscribedContinue reading ““Be Mine” writing-challenge-valentine #poetry #valentine’sday”

The Day They Packed My Computer #fiction #challenge

Today they moved the last of my belongings to somewhere. No one would tell me. My family thinks because I am “old” that those things no longer matter or that I will forget about them like I forgot the grocer’s name (last week). I watched someone fumble with the box containing my type written drafts,Continue reading “The Day They Packed My Computer #fiction #challenge”

Ode To a Writer #oneshotwednesday

Ode to the Writer You’ve seen me in print Reading parts of my type Thinking my words reflect what I am like * points misread lies between the lines mere complications Space and time *** you’ve read into words sometimes that will be When you misunderstand What you think you see *** please realize I’m notContinue reading “Ode To a Writer #oneshotwednesday”

Nanowrimo and me (Flash Fiction in 160)

What do you do with 30 days, 50,000 words, little sleep, insanity, and a computer? Follow me & other Nanowrimo novelists (wannabes) as we attempt the impossible. **** If you want to follow my efforts during the month of November, check in to my writing sight. I will be posting bits and pieces of myContinue reading “Nanowrimo and me (Flash Fiction in 160)”

I loved a girl

I loved a girl She wasn’t pretty or fair I’m not even sure of the color of her hair *** I read her on paper that’s where I would see a portrait of words quietly enfolding me *** A journey of sorts is where we would go nowhere had limits places high- places low ***Continue reading “I loved a girl”

Dickens – ya’ Digg?

What would writers of old do with this new technology? What would Victor Hugo have thought of Twitter? Would he be following 10,000 by now or would he say “the ____ with those bird people.” One of my favorite writers is Dickens. What the Dickens would he do with Tumbler other than to mix aContinue reading “Dickens – ya’ Digg?”

“Insight” to begin the New Year

The “I” s have it. or they will in my life in 2010. What is it about the words that start with “I”? I promise you it is not intentional that I keep running into a wall of  “I”s. This one just came at me while I was reading something a poet wrote. It’s insight.Continue reading ““Insight” to begin the New Year”

At least I can spell inept – a blog

Today I had one of those days. Spell it out and one word appears -Inept Inept? Let’s see what Webster says: Adjective Not elegant or graceful in expression; “an awkward prose style”; “a clumsy apology”; “his cumbersome writing style”; “if the rumor is true, can anything be more inept than to repeat it now?”. RevealingContinue reading “At least I can spell inept – a blog”


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