Pen Pal #amiss #poetry #misunderstood

You wrote a letter with a fresh quill

each letter flowed with fresh inspiration

pen could not contain love that spilled

oh, I know your clever imagination


but… then amidst the curly ques

I felt tossed upon the stormy  sea

on my cheek a tear drop grew

the letter was not addressed to me


Here we go with A to Z

Today begins a month long dance with the letters A to Z and the A to Z challenge.

This is the fourth year I have done this challenge and each year has been a different rollercoaster ride. Last year, I did the challenge (weakly) after sustaining a fractured wrist that required surgery. Just before the challenge, I fell again and badly sprained the other wrist. For days I used a pencil in my mouth to draw and type comments. (no joke.)

This year I am hosting short stories written by three of my favorite writers: Steve Slack, Matt Harrill and Newt Livesay. People seem to die when these guys show up so enjoy their styles. For my week, I retapped a noir serial I wrote several years ago. We have run out of body bags for our victims so paper bags will have to suffice.

I have all the stories on top of my blog under A to Z Challenge or you can just look for today’s letter below:

A is for Avarice                          G is for Gluttony

B is for Betrayal                        H is for HiJack

C is for Curare Cure                  I is for Interview

D is for Docket                           J is for Jump

E is for Eros                               K is for Klan

F is Un Faithful                       L is for Lust

(the letters A-F written by Steven Slack, G-L by Matt Harrill)


Pen of the Damned #horror #writers

Ever wonder what people who write and are damned do in their spare time???

Well come have a look at my prose this week: Pointed Ends is a melee of sorts. The question: can you determine who the real monsters are? In the end, I hope you get the Point. (smile)

While you are there- take a look at some excellent writing.


I felt a painful jab in my arm.

“Don’t worry darling this will calm you down.”

Even though I had been married to him, I had never liked his smile.










Friday Feature #writing #publishing #feature


Friday Feature art

Next Friday June the 20th, I will be starting a new feature for my blog called “Friday Features.”

This is really a reintroduction of something I did weekly on One Stop Poetry. My objective then and now is  to introduce people in the blogsphere to artists, writers, poets, musicians and children in the arts.

If you or someone you know is publishing  a book (does not need to be for the first time), wants to feature some art or poetry, please contact me  at

I am also looking for Christian Writers with the potential for publishing your works of non-fiction or fiction.

Truth in Art #Picasso #art #haiku

The Seated Man by Pablo Picasso
The Seated Man by Pablo Picasso

You I have portrayed

true character in shadows

buffoon’s charade


Buffoon’s charade

my painting hung in fame

you long forgotten

Carpe Diem’s prompt is to use art as an inspiration for writing. I believe that artists and writers share a kinship and as such inspire one another. What truth do you see that Picasso is unveiling?

Gnawing Nervousness … #shortyaward #twitter #atoz

One Stop Poetry - 2011 winner in arts
One Stop Poetry – 2011 winner in arts

It was crazy. One Stop Poetry was a “little blog” on Blogger. Four of us created this community. That then grew on Twitter. This group for poets, then writers and artists, got huge overnight. A team of  8 people (Adam Dustus, Pete Marshall, Brian Miller, Leslie Moon, Gay Cannon, Claudia Schoenfeld, Jessica Kristie, Chris Galford) who never met, got the notice in March 2011 – “You are going to New York. You are selected as one of the six finalists for the Twitter Shorty Award.” My heart soared, my stomach sank. It was too much to hope for  considering we had just started in July.  As I got out of the limo in Times Square, I saw the smiling faces of the people I considered friends and colleagues standing around dressed to the nines. I shook my head the illusion vanished, but i could feel the thousand or more were with us.  I opened my eyes looking for Brian Miller and Adam Dustus wishing that Pete Marshall, our other founder, could have made it across the pond.

“It’s here. It’s now. I am really walking into the auditorium at Times Square.”

It’s not hard for me to imagine things, but this was one of those magical, real moments when they call your name and you’re actually awake. They were calling ours, “One Stop Poetry.”  There was so much chaos they couldn’t get me to the front of the auditorium in time to join my friends and accept the award. It didn’t matter we (each member of the community) were (virtually) standing at the podium as a collective accepting the award.

We tweeted to our supporters “We Won the Twitter Shorty Award for Arts” That tweet circled the globe to poets, writers, and artists.  Each of those folks were part of this. It was a moment to celebrate with them.


After the awards, I met some other entrepreneurial types who had worked hard to get recognized, and I met a few who obviously stood out in the celebrity arena. Today, I read the first tweets I sent after our name had been called and felt the same pride and excitement. One Stop Poetry had done what we had sought out to do which was creating a community and giving a voice to the poet/writer even if he or she was in the beginning stages of his/her writing journey.

To you who are waiting on the edge of your heels to find out who will be the recipient of tonight’s award – enjoy the moment and celebrate anticipation’s finest moment.

“And the winner is…”


Livestream from the ceremony

A2Z-2013-BADGE-001Small_zps669396f9 (1)


Answers to the Question (One Shot Wednesday)

You ask

I answer

it’s not words

you are seeking


you answer

I look closely

striving for something

to grasp hold of


The question

freezes between us

it eludes the answer

like a game

of hide and seek


We coax and prod

searching not finding

not realizing it’s the search

which brings us together

The Power of the Poet

Sometimes you just get lucky and strike gold on the first try. That’s what I feel has happened with One Stop Poetry.

After meeting and reading so many wonderful poets( on-line), Brian Miller, Pete Marshall , Adam Dustus, and myself decided to create a community for poets and writers. I know how much the inspiration means to me and we hope others will be inspired to create with words.

Join us any day of the week for poetic inspiration.  Please post and link your own works on Wednesday 12:00 am UK time for One Shot Wednesday.

What’s in the works:

Awards for the Poet of the Month


Expression Page for Youth

Poet’s Forum

More ….

Help us dream about One Stop Poetry

The Power of the Poet

With a voice you speak

like a flag unfurled

you speak with a word

that can change the world


Using words

express them away

it is possible

to change the world in a day


Bring light to the world

some promise thrown in

reality to ponder

powerful words from within


Poets give from their hearts

a vision they see

might just change

you and me

Over the Top Award

Thanks to Shakira for the award

check out her blog:

Rules to Accept “Over The Top!” Award:
1. Answer the survey below in one word.
2. Pass this along to six of your favourite bloggers.
3. Alert them that you have given them this award.
4. Have fun!

As per the first rule, below I’ve answered the survey in one word answers.

1) Where is your cell phone? – somewhere
2) Your Hair? – long
3) Your Mother? – Talented
4) Your Father? – Tall
5) Favorite Food? – Fish
6) Your dream last night? – Ummm !!!
7) Your favorite drink? – Agua !!!
8) Your dream / goal? –Write
9) What room are you in? – Office
10) Your Hobby? – Blogging
11) Your Fears? – Roof Rats !!!
12) Where do you want to be in 6 years?- Moon :P
13) Where were you last night? Home
14) Something that you aren’t? – sane
15) Muffins? – Pumpkin
16) Wish List item? – Secret!!!
17) Where did you grow up? – California
18) Last thing you did? – Write
19) What are you wearing? – It’s black
20) Your TV? –  Off!
21) Yours Pets? – Dog x2
22) Friends? – Love em
23) Your Life? – Best
24) Your Mood? – Happy
25) Missing Someone? – Hil
26) Vehicle? –Truck
27) Something you’re not wearing? –beard
28) Your favorite store? – Macys
29) Your favorite color? – Blue
30) When was the last time you laughed? – Now!!!
31) Last time you cried? – Tuesday
32) Your best friend? – LM
33) One place that I go to over and over? – Beach
34) One person who emails you regularly? – Pam
35) Favorite place to eat? – Home

Hope y’all enjoy. I appreciate your talent!!!


Blown Away (by people in the Social Media Networking Arena)

Amazing people in the Social Media Networking Arena:

Gotta say to all the Social Media movers and shakers out there – You are Amazing!!

When I started with the Networking craze – I was skeptical.

In the beginning:

I was wondering if I was spitting in the wind or worse talking to myself.  I was!

Twitter – at first I had five followers. For goodness sake why would anyone want to follow me?

Moondustwriter’s Blog- Are you kidding. I write but so do a million other people – and from what I have seen there is some incredible talent out there. Why those people like (Oh sorry won’t name names) aren’t on the NYT best sellers list has my mind in a tangle. The thought that people would come to my site and actually read a poem that I wrote or a blog that I concocted is inconceivable. And – they do it everyday!

Now it is possible that there is a room full of bots that sit all day and take hits on my site. So far no bot has made a comment though.

My opinion is worth___:

Lately I am having people ask me my opinion on writing, poems, does their outfit match (I’m serious).

You gotta be kidding – I guess not. There must be a reason all the seniors at the university asked me to proof their papers before submission. Why Doctors have asked me to review an article before submission. Must be my perfume – eau de editor.

The bottom line:

I am blown away by the talent, humility, and kindness of the people I interface with. Writers most but techis, artists, clowns (Claude, Luke and Derek I am not talking about you). All of them are trying to get their name out there but they are friendly and take the time to lend a hand even to a teenage kid just starting out.

So to all of you Social Networking friends – I applaud YOU!!!

Photo: Stonehenge – L. Moon

Icons – by Webtreats