Tattoo Pain #writingchallenge #poetry

name over a name

golden are trees memories

blood from broken heart

Joining in on Steve Slack’s writing prompt The Write Photo. Based on the photo write a haiku or a story in 55 words.


The shipwrecked lady #microfiction”

“Come to me

I am lonely”

she cried into a  dark stormy night

“come to me

for I am lonely”

He hears in her voice a trembling fright

“I am coming

dearest lady fear not I will come”

“Come to me

I am lonely

they will hurt me

as I  sleep”

“wait for me

close not thine eyes

vigilance please keep”

“Do not come to me

for it is too late

I am ravaged



“I am coming

oh my lady

of loving devotion

never be  forlorn”

A poetic response to the prompt Shipwrecked at Sunday Scribblings