Devotional Thoughts

Have you ever wondered if you had taken another path where you would have ended up? Life is a journey full of twists and turns. What turn made all the difference? I have had many twists and turns in my life. Many of them were painful. Even the painful twists in life can have a positive impact on our lives and the lives of others. If I had deviated from the path that led me to God, I would for all intents and purposes be dead. All my dreams stem from my faith. My hope is in God alone. I can’t imagine a day without Him. I hope these poems give you a moment to reflect on your day and be encouraged.


9 thoughts on “Devotional Thoughts

    1. Oh you are so sweet. that would be nice. I figured out how to link your site so you are linked. i am learning as I go with blog sites. Tell me what you want and I’ll send you some stuff. Hope your holiday preparations are going wonderfully. Blessings


      1. John, I was shocked to hear of the psiasng of the legend that was affectionately known as “Neenan”.So many memories of the great man and athlete and his passion for the sport. He won his first munster title at Ballyhooley in 1953; he returned to ballyhooley in 1963 to win the munster 2 mile title and the report in the Cork examiner then described him as the “Grand Old man of Cork Athletics”. Little did anyone think then that some 55 years later Willie would be still that Grand old Man of Cork Athletics. RIP.PS: The picture above was taken by Stephen Murphy of Vale Star publications, Mallow, at a cross country race promoted by Abbey Striders AC at Burnfort, Mallow in the mid 90s.Chris.


  1. I have thought that once or twice. Others have thought it for me! – an ex-boss (to whom I was devoted, but with whom I had a huge row, and left) said “Well, Margaret Rose: if we hadn’t fought you wouldn’t have left and you wouldn’t have met Chic!” Can’t argue with that. 🙂 Can only regret not having had him for longer.


  2. Oh, I love that last bit especially–I’m sure God could do with a break from me some days! We’re walking in His Grace–the path isn’t strewn with rose petals, or even moondust, but it’s better than what we would have had without Him. God Bless You Today.


  3. Letter to the Editor:In this time with all of our troops cinomgs home, I think it poignant to remember the “Lost Veterans” of Vietnam. I have written to President Obama (3 times) The Secretary of the Cabinet in charge of Veteran’s Affairs The “HonorableEric Shienski” (4 times) to help myself and my disabled husband who has suffered the effects of Agent Orange, PTSD. PAD, and Coronary diseases due to his service in Vietnam. This has been going on for 5 years, yet the effects have been going on for over 30 years now. Enough is enough. The PTSD alone has practically ruined our marriage. Forms, after forms, appeals, after appeals, asking the most absurd questions one can imagine – “When do you think your stressor point was?” When the ammo dump was blown up during the TET offensive without warning and I was thrown from the jeep I was in by the very percussion of the blast. “When do you think you may have suffered hearing loss? Oh, I don’t know possibly at the same time. Can you prove you were there and do you have the names of witnesses. Are you kidding me? You ordered me there!It is an absolute disgrace the way that these “Forgotten Vets” have been and are continued to be treated. Prove that you were drafted ? Find witnesses 40 years later?I really believe our government is simply waiting for these guys to give up. I know my husband did for years. He just could not take the red tape anymore. We paid for insurance out of our own pockets just to avoid the red tape. How many trillions of dollars have been saved because these Vets either gave up or God forbid died before they were awarded the benefits they were entitled to? . Shame on this government for treating these Vets this way. President Obama now passed into law that medical records will be followed when someone signs up (not drafted) in the military so that correlations can be made. That is a great thing for this round of Vets. What about the ones that already served? Billions saved? Sorry we cut your lives short, sorry that we cut your marriages short, sorry your children will only be with their Dads for a shorter period of time. But we’ll fix it for the next round of Vets. How about fixing it for ALL the Vets?When the President of the United States and the Secretary of the Cabinet in charge of Veterans affairs’ can’t even bother to acknowledge your constant correspondence to them it is a total disgrace.God Forgive youPeggy Freeman


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