In The Valley Series #poetry #faith #pain

In The Valley

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death your perfect love is casting out fear”

Yes I can read these words

I memorized them as a child


until I am in the valley

crawling on my knees

hoping for an oasis

to stem the tide

quench my thirst

I do not understand the full capacity

the strength

of loving arms that pull me up

carry me to the water’s edge

“drink” you say as you cup your hands

the sweetest tasting water caresses my lips

I am filled

I am still in the valley but I have living water to get me through

to remind me I am not alone

you are here when they have all left me to my own

and I am whole in you


Restore This

Gazing at my hands

pointless disarray

all that I’ve created

has futilely slipped away…

Focussing on the blot

claims to be my stain

remove this from my being

that I might live again…

Reaching up toward Heaven

beautiful dark expanse

hold me in your power

away from death’s final dance…


The Thousandth Teardrop

I plead for a painless night

Relief an out of reach dream

serene sandy beach walk

ends in peals I scream

Endless days / more nights

I ponder walking off the pier

free fall into oblivion

but wait a sweet voice I hear

speaking silently

to my tear stained heart

the words that are spoken

placed not in the dark

the deepest night

proceeds the most glorious dawn

“light is on the way”

with that your words were gone

the pain it wont take flight

but I harken for a voice

I will not lose this fight


Final Circle

Tonite I see it



watery void

The circle is drawn

I am forced out



I had to finish

find my pinnacle

Others will climb

I now must fall

catch me foamy abyss


Reality Turns

The hourglass of reality …

A fallacy really

no sooner are your sands neatly collected

you are flipped end over end

… time begins again

those  sands do they represent



a life changing event?

Are your sands

equivalent to dust particles




They float


dispersing themselves


on a shelf in a life

You there

dust or sand?

mark of insignificance

can you have meaning?

dust or debris?

this hand is the holder of time



feel His loving fingers

turn your reality

for all




The Lapse of Life 

Hurled out into oblivion

the pieces of my past

I cannot catch them

they fly much too fast


I am now but a fragment 

of my existent self

look at the pieces

place them on life’s shelf


what’s gone in a moment

speed elapsed spin

I will never be

that person ~ myself again


you saved a handful

of glass you say

throw them to Heaven

it’s the end of Earth’s Day

Photography “Broken” copyright 2010~ L. Moon

A Poet’s Lasting Impression

She left a mark

unfading impression

though life has ebbed

words are her name


creative beauty soars

a star sings

shooting meteorite march

heavens proclaim


she left her mark

though never quite the same

her voice will ring

in many hearts

I have been sojourning in the valley floor for a while. I wrote a friend telling him “I have nothing, but I have everything I could possibly need in Him.”

In one year, I have lost everything tangible (other than a few sticks of furniture) no car, no home, a few clothes, my health has failed me and I have been admitted twice to the hospital with no way to pay those bills; the kicker was the tests that came back .I have licked the valley floor and yet I have never known such peace in my life. The water I drink is love; love from God and people I did not know giving me gifts, telling me they would be praying for me, loving me with a smile, clearing a surgery schedule, forgiving my multi hospital visit debt…

I write this not to ask you to feel bad for me please don’t – I am in capable, strong hands and in the best place I could possibly be. What about you? If you lost everything today, could you strain your eyes to see the oasis in the distance? Could you release yourself/ really let go and be caught by capable, loving hands? He is more than sufficient for our every need.


5 thoughts on “In The Valley Series #poetry #faith #pain

    1. You really done quite a few seiurpor ideas right now there. Thanks for assisting, reliable information. It is a very good useful information with valid viewpoints.


  1. I really like the sparse, fragmented nature of some of these pieces…I enjoyed most reality turns ‘are your sands equivalent to dust particles’ and in the valley for its strength, imagery and lovely final line, great work 🙂


  2. Wow wow wow–this is so good, NOT good that you’ve endured so much, but the way you put it out there for some wayfaring stranger who’s struggling, to taste the Living Water, grab a strand of Hope that “this now I can’t bear” won’t really last forever, as I’m a daughter of the King. Thank you, thank you–and God bless you Abundantly today and always.


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