Open My Eyes

Open these eyes

I have been trudging through crippling fog

Lord push through my pain

show me color

reveal to me victory

hand me life


Have you ever been handed a difficult day, week, month, year? Yes – so have I. Living in the Tule fog belt I realized that it is like working your way through fog: all the familiar road signs are gone, every foot seems like a mile and you fear you are going the wrong way. If you have just a tiny break – some light that illuminates your direction. Your thought changes from “never” to “I might.” May the Lord of light reveal victory to you and hand you Life!!!



5 thoughts on “Open My Eyes

  1. This is so good–I had to think about it and come back. Victory would seem to have more color than the barren deserts we sometimes must traverse. Wonderful prayer. God bless you.


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