Ebola Orphan’s Project




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Though this project/ book thematically  is open for interpretation,we would like you to consider how you  as a poet can write a “song” that conveys the following: sadness at the loss for these children left alone,  a message of hope to the children, and  a call to the community at large to remember these little lives as they forge ahead. This is meant to be a work of encouragement/reflection rather than a sounding board for political opinions.

If you are considering submitting, please read on – The orphans of Liberia thank you!!!

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3 thoughts on “Ebola Orphan’s Project

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this opportunity to speak from the heart to and for these children whose foundations and connections were shattered by drought and disease.


  2. Hi Leslie

    I thought you would be moved by this personal story about f courage and strength by an Ebola survivor striving to “fill in the cracks”.


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