Life’s Lessons

The First Corner of Life (archived 10/2012)

“I’m weary already”

the new shoe said to the old

“It is what happens at first

after awhile you will hardly notice it”

“I am concerned that my bright emblem will get scuffed”

“Oh don’t worry it will get more than scuffed”

“How do you manage?”

“I put one foot in front of the other”

the worn shoe remarked wisely

“I will never make it around the first corner of life”

“no you are right. no one can without help

the foot inside you will be your best friend

it will rely on you but so must you be confident in it.

Getting around the first corner of life is the hardest but the next comes too quickly.

Then a day will come that you get to be propped up at the end of a long day with a newspaper and a nice warm fire – ahhh retirement.”

photograph “seen better days” L. Moon copyright 2011


Grandmother’s Wisdom (archived from 4/2012)

‘I still am reminded of grandmama’s words of wisdom when I was a child” I told my children at the dinner table.

“It is the smallest thing that grows so big ” she told me when I was still quite teachable.

“Yes what is that grandmama?”
“It is a mustard seed, of course, grandchild.”

I’m certain I looked unimpressed for I had never seen such a seed nor cared to. After all, what was a seed compared to something I squirted on a burger?

She always understood me and went on for she evidently had a reason.”This may look small and unimportant but this seed will grow into a large plant. The mustard plant is not only large but it renders a spicy flavor that many enjoy. I know a child who would not enjoy her burger half as much…”

She held a seed almost reverently as she said “It reminds me of the intentions of words. We can say such a small word of encouragement to someone  yet it can have an importance in that person’s day as it builds them up; perhaps molding an event in their lives. ”

I shook my head in affirmation knowing how often her small words of kindness had made a difference in my life and the lives of others.

“In addition, the smallest of words, unkindly delivered, can put a person into a nasty mood or worse they can feel unworthy, unloved. And then what if that mood causes that person to do something harmful?”

Was she speaking of the unkind thing I had just that morning yelled at my older sister? I hung my head.

“When we look upon the mustard seed  let us  remember how to use our words. Hopefully we will be reminded to deliver small kindnesses. Who knows perhaps that kindness will grow as large as a tree.”

I smiled to my little ones knowing that a grandmother’s kind words had done much in cultivating this life I now lived.




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