Mercy’s Butterfly #poetry

monarch black and white

She confident, flits

over my dry and barren soul

brush against fingertips

of my sorrow do you know?

Neither can we speak

I stand in silent wonder

vibrant never weak

heart beats strong like thunder

Daring and alive

this race that she is in

touch hope, now I strive

She vibrant as the wind

our eyes for moments meet

her smile so pure and bright

her convection ever sweet

my burden now seems light

Mercy takes a  wing

lift another is her goal

joy her journey brings

detach each from life’s shoals


Lift our spirits

gently remove life’s pain

Mercy’s butterfly

mercys butterfly

There are days when life seems too weighty. Those are the days when mercy is the greatest comfort. I hope this poem lifts your spirits (even for a moment.)

Thank you to Poet’s United for this week’s prompt – Mercy.


Proverbs 11:17  “A man who is kind (merciful)  benefits himself, but a cruel man hurts himself.”


21 thoughts on “Mercy’s Butterfly #poetry

  1. Yes it lifted my spirits (“lift another is her goal”)–I liked seeing mercy as a butterfly leading and guiding us out of dryness and despair, and love the idea that its message is delivered and made effective through a sweet convection!


  2. Lift our spirits
    gently remove life’s pain

    It has such an effect. Mercy will certainly ease off unnecessary reservations and instead will cause help to be given, thus removing the pain. Wonderful lines Moonie!



  3. YES! Mercy’s butterfly did lift my spirits, as did your beautiful poem of standing strong under the weight we carry. I like “touch hope, now I strive”. The trick is to keep hoping and shining against the darkness.


  4. ‘her convection ever sweet’ was the line that made me particularly smile in this wonderful piece..we must wing our way…and although butterfly wings are transitory they can be strong…


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