Stop the Shaking #Japan #oneshotwednesday

Have you ever heard it?

Felt it?

Lived through



I’m one of the lucky ones

a roaring train shook my country

rocked it to its core

not like the gentle sway of my crib

we no longer have a shore


Endless days

sleepless nights

don’t close your eyes

someone else may be gone

oh the pain at first light


stop the shaking

please things are breaking

mama’s dishes

papa’s bones

stop the shaking






This is my poem for One Shot Wednesday. There is no form to it, no rhyme , little reason – so like the world in the Japan of today!! Unicef is there for the relief for Japan’s children.

Photography: courtesy of Getty Images / CNN News


38 thoughts on “Stop the Shaking #Japan #oneshotwednesday

  1. Not easy to describe a child’s horror in simple yet effective language. But you did it! Stomach dropping imagry. J.


  2. ugh…you put us right in there feeling the world shaking to its core…my prayers go out to Japan and all those affected…thanks for having a social conscience…nice one shot!


  3. Thankyou, very beautiful, no disrespect meant, but I would call it splintered, or fractured style, as I immagine their lives and thought patterns are , from shock and loss. Bless You, Rest Gently Please. Dusty


    1. I have to agree and no “disrespect” in your comment. there are times that emotion pulls at the very fiber of form and what is left is “splintered!”


  4. there is great reasoning in your words…as I witness the aftermath from the easy chair,
    I wonder who wrote poems for me the day after…now I know

    Peace, hp


  5. Leslie – When I read your piece I felt some of the disjointed fear of a child thrust into something like this. Yes, many in Japan have felt it before, but never so deadly amd frightening. Thank you.


  6. Formed from Love indeed…..

    .·´¯`·.´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸PRAYER WAVE¸.·´¯`·.´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸ Going out to all those affected in Japan by the Earthquake and Tsunami! ♥ Light a Candle & Keep this going…


  7. That last part really hit me. Great expression of loss and devastation. I can only begin to imagine what so many are going through right now. It is heart-breaking.


  8. please things are breaking / mama’s dishes / papa’s bones

    I really enjoyed these lines. And the poem too, but not what the poem is talking about. So sad.


  9. Oh! To be afraid even to close our eyes. The CHILDREN! The devastation…the total “splinteredness” of it all. (Will there be more shaking tomorrow, Momma?)
    You did a GoooD job, Leslie! Thank you, for helping to keep this story alive here…even with all the dead there…


    1. We went through a large earthquake when my son was just a babe. The ground didn’t want to stop shaking – yet I can’t imagine this Hell in Japan


  10. Heartbreaking!! And it’s even worse when you see it thru’ a little child’s eyes… 😦 It’s unimaginable to me, sitting here, in the warm comfort of my home!! 😦
    Beautifully expressed, Moon..
    I wish our love and prayers and an extended hand do SOMETHING (if anything) for these kids…


  11. “Papa’s bones are shaking…” the fragile life we all live simply put yet dangerously tittering in our minds. Thanks for a deceivingly simple poem you used to make me reflect again and again on truths!


  12. If we could only stop the shaking with our hearts held out to them with both hands. This is a tragedy on a scale that I cannot even imagine, and wish to never have to live through myself. My thoughts are with these poor people. Very good of you to give them voice Leslie


  13. Heartfelt indeed.. It’s darn easy to sit here and comment.. But when a tragedy strikes, it catches off- guard!
    My wishes n prayers for you and every one else.. May this not happen to anyone- not even the ones who we don’t know..

    The words scared me when that child started expressing!
    Hugs n Peace xoxox


  14. Heartbreaking words Moonie. NZ is still trying to recover from the recent quake here. I can’t imagine how they must be coping in Japan.


  15. The best writing seems to spill out from the heart, as this did, Dear Moon.

    Unicef is a great organization. We gave via the Red Cross, which is wonderful too.

    Big big love to you now and always, Moon.


    P.S. If it’s any consolation, I didn’t take in any of the SXSW week, and won’t. But I will if you come to visit.


  16. it’s unspeakable horror ~ not one, but three disasters. you caught not only the earthquake and tsunami, but the post traumatic stress disorder that i heard almost everyone in Japan is suffering from. too much to deal with already, but they also have the terror of the threat from the nuclear power plant. unimaginable.


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