Worthy #atozchallenge #writers

girl at coffee

the lack of a smile in her eyes told me

she too young to hide that radiant glow

 too much tarnish to buff away

butterflies and girls should fly free

you are worthy this you should know

go with nature dance, sing, Play!


Too often young people are made to feel they aren’t good enough.

What a shame when someone with so much potential is robbed before even given the chance to try.

What do you do to stay young?

Highlighting some writers who make a difference in my blogging world:

Linda has a heart for the nature around her (and she’s a great storyteller)  – Rangewriter

Charlie writes poetry that hits the marrow – Read Between the Minds

Mabel writes keenly about the mix of her Australian and Asian culture Mabel Kwong

Magyar lives somewhere between the sea and the world of haiku Magyar Haiku

Honore writes, shoots amazing photography and shares his travels – This Corner of the Woods

Ranu her pen is embraced in beauty –Sabethville

And some A to Z folks to enjoy today:


7 thoughts on “Worthy #atozchallenge #writers

  1. I thank you Moonie: from, “somewhere between the sea and the world of haiku”. _m

    __To stay young… each morning I greet my mind as belonging to one of the, “Young People”. My phrase__ “I see with young eyes, an old mirror.”
    __Many years ago, I had an elementary school music teacher that refused to call her students, ‘Children’ , she referred to all her learners as, “Young People.” Later, in High School I realized how meaningful and truthful that title had become. People, not Infantiles.
    __Young People are the ‘artists’ of tomorrow, and their art… is within the use of all modes, to build a humane, face to face and caring society. Praise, above rejection. _m


  2. To stay young, I continue to look forward in my life, and play in the present. I try to move in time and space with an open heart. This is a nice way to do the A to Z blog. I’m always impressed when people can write poetry.


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