Dance #uganda #atozchallenge

Orphan’s voices lift to the stars

can’t keep feet from moving

notes merge harmonious

large is the circle of our song

mimicking children’s motions

I don’t want the song to end

laughter young and old

fills the skies

tired we sit on mats

our hearts still singing

as we do crafts

 Jesus is smiling


color butterfly

children want to dance in the sky

coffee filter art


The video sharing the beauty of the Acholi culture.

 I know that these children at Mercy Home have come from hard and lonely places. We are greeted each day with smiles of  love and welcome and we end the day Dancing!

Enjoy the A to Z challenge this month!

Im also tagging on to Poets United prompt April. Spring and April give cause to dance with the blossoms.


15 thoughts on “Dance #uganda #atozchallenge

    1. I woke up to smiles everyday. I was asked why I would want to give up what I have to live in Uganda. Bright faces and dance parties are 2 main reasons!
      Cant wait to see your doggies.


  1. Oh Leslie, you made it to Uganda! I know you wanted to. Awesome. I can imagine how being there fills your heart. It has always amazed me, the joy African children have, when they have suffered so much.


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