Clearly Crazy #ukraine #fiction #atozchallenge

It was a quiet and cold drive back to Odessa and neither of us wanted to say what we were feeling.

“We would be smart to get some food for a reserve supply and candles.” My husband got very chatty as we got to the edge of Odessa.

“We have one blanket but I think several more would be a good idea if the power goes off.”

Neither of us said, “Let’s just go home.”

It’s as if something was holding us in Odessa even though the signs were clear that war was coming.

“I’d really like to find the blue room.” I told my husband.

“They said there is no such room.”

“There is and it is a good size if the children have to come stay. There are no windows.”

“Then we will ask again tomorrow.” My husband collapsed from our long drive.

Before I fell asleep, I thought I’d heard someone at our door. When I opened the door, there was no one there. I should have told my husband, but I didn’t want to sound like an alarmist. I had forgotten where we were…

The next day we bought what we knew we would need.

“Crackers, sardines… even though I can’t stand them.”

“Cheese, bread, water…” My husband added “and matches.”

Though we did not have a log fireplace, I trusted his judgement about the matches.

The next day we bought more cheese, deli sausage, bread, and fruit preserve.

“You know this is crazy, right?” He knew all my moods.

“It’s going to make a great story.” He chuckled.

“Yes, it will.” I bit the inside of my lip. “If we are alive.”

Thanks for stopping by Penned In Moondust by Moondustwriter for the A to Z Challenge. This (continuing) story was birthed at The Passage hotel in 2007 in Odessa Ukraine. I changed the time period to the present. I hope you feel the courage and tenacity of the Ukrainian people as this fiction unfolds.

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32 thoughts on “Clearly Crazy #ukraine #fiction #atozchallenge

  1. Read ur C post!

    I can feel every word u r writing. Can never imagine the pain you or other Ukranians r going thru. From getting provisions to finding shelter – Such crisis.
    Pains of war are visible thru ur posts

    I feel stoked to see that u included my blog in ur list! WOW. Thanks a lot ❤


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