Vladimir #atozchallenge #ukraine #fiction

“Are you okay?” My husband shook my body. ‘Honey, are you okay?” He said louder. “Wake up!!!”

When I didn’t respond, he picked me up. For a moment he had no idea what to do. Sirens were going off and bombs were falling. “What do I do? He screamed.

He saw a dim light that was over the door of the church. He ran there praying that the bombs would fall somewhere else.

“Are there any medical people?” He said with a panic that none of our team had ever seen.

Olga grabbed his hand and without a word directed him to a quiet area where there was a cot.

“We need to set her down in quiet and not too much light.” Our friend who had medical training told me. “Her vitals are strong. I think she has a concussion and hopefully will revive.”

Unfortunately, hospitals were one of the most dangerous places to go.

“We will watch her round clock.”

Everyone took turns watching me. My husband was always there; sometimes he collapsed in absolute fatigue.

“When I spoke to your wife, she squeezed my hand. I was able to determine she has bad headache. I told her rest. I put cold cloth on head. She will recover.” Olga said with that Ukrainian confidence we both appreciated.

“I’m relieved that she will get better. But I worry.” My husband looked at me then held my hand. “Has Vlad been around?”

“He took rotation in Mariople. Should be back tomorrow.”

“As soon as he returns, I need to speak with him. It is important.”

“Yes, everything these days is.” Olga sighed.

I opened my eyes and realized the light was too bright but I could speak a little.

Since I was improving, my husband took some time to communicate with Dmitre. Dmitre knew we were out of contact with his family.

“Things hold. Zelensky continues to know when to hide when there is an assassination attempt. There have been hundreds.”

“What about you?”

“Only dozens.” Dmitre chuckled. “We need Mariople and Odessa to stay strong. the ships outside of Odessa cannot make anchor. Pray the storms continue.”

“ I will tell the team your news. We pray constantly these days,”

“The East depends on it…” My husband knew he meant all of Ukraine.

Vlad finally returned from Mariople.

“That does not sound too good.” Vlad’s frowns crinkled over weather worn wrinkles.

“Valeria sounded like you would know…”

“The fact that the Portal allowed you to speak through it means there is something not right.” He clenched his bruised and bandaged hands. “I need to remember the formula that the professor taught me. The professor assured me it was easy.”

“What is it then?” My husband was overwhelmed with worry.

“I don’t remember.” Vlad looked blankly into my husband’s eyes.

Thank you to the A to Z community and each blogger that joins in April.

This on-going story for A to Z challenge 2022 was originally written in 2007 in Odessa, Ukraine. I’ve tweeked it to arrive in 2022 but the elements of a multiaccess portal and a war (the original story had multiple wars) are original. The Passage that is central to this story is a real hotel built in 1880s. She’s seen alot of history stomp through her doors and I could feel the past while I lived there. I hope you see the tenacity of the Ukrainian people through this attempt to honor their bravery. The story about the shot up car and the people is one of many stories we got from friends helping people escape Mariople.



The Basics

Clearly Crazy


E- Eavesdropping

F- Friends and Family

G- Grumbling Titka

Hiding in 1991

I – Intensity

J- My Journal

K- Keep Moving

L- Cold Air Lunch

M- Medical needs

N- What Next

O-Out of Sight


Q – Questions

R- The Russian

S- Shots and Sirens

T- Turned Back

U- Uri



10 thoughts on “Vladimir #atozchallenge #ukraine #fiction

  1. That sigh of Olga – “everything these days is” is understandable…it’s scary to know the portal is malfunctioning….we can live in such sci fi hoping for some resolutions…where as reality is always dysfunctional!

    Dropping by from a to z “The Pensive”


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