Love: Just an Illusion? #oneshotwednesday

Words she wrote reached into his heart

He heard them somehow

Unspoken words her  art

Or…  just an illusion?


She thinks he must be a dream

How will she know?

“what does it mean?”

Is he …  just an illusion?


silent pleas go into the night

He feels her words

This seems so right

It might be …  just an illusion


Love flows rapidly like spring’s stream

washing over them

it trickles so clean

Defying the illusion


whispers into the misty night air

He catches her look

hearts locked in a stare

Their love is no illusion…

Giovanni Blank:


20 thoughts on “Love: Just an Illusion? #oneshotwednesday

  1. Just came across your blog accidentally….and ended up reading the poems!
    And I must say the way you’ve weaved emotions in words in simple poetry touched my heart.

    This was a lovely poem…..maybe love is just a figment of imagination a mere illusion…you love and still dunno if love is meant to be!
    Guess its gonna remain a mystery.

    You’ve got a wonderful blog out here….and I guess I’ll be coming back again!


  2. “what is real? which is the dream, which the illusion?” – (paraphrased) Moody Blues, um, Knights in White Satin? It’s a….Thing. On the tip of my tongue or the tip(edge) of my mind. Your Poem/Knights in White Satin – Different/same-same.

    And No, I’m not high, thank’s. It’s just how my mind connects things. Clarity/Fog – Perception/Reality. Different/Same-Same.

    Oh, I like this poem a lot. Thanks for posting.


  3. Strange…as I read this I thought of Harry Nilsson’s ‘The Point’ where the Rockman says “You see what you want to see and you hear what you want to hear.’ …so love can be an illusion of choice.


  4. Beautiful and intriguing. Glad he turned out to be real in the end ūüôā

    PS. I’m guessing the picture is an illusion, the person is really just jumping in the air and the photo is turned sideways?


    1. Shylah,I haven’t closed up shop just been ditcratsed with some family problems followed up by a personal illness. I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel and will be scouring the world anew for more interesting items.Thanks for thanking the time to drop me a line,Walt


  5. Cool how illusion is questioned throughout and then answered at the end. The many questions in the first half work very well to create a bit of an obsessive suspense until the end. Well done.


  6. Aww…. I am a sucker for romance… and this one drove me nuts!! Loved this poem, Moonie…
    Nope, Love ain’t no illusion at all.. all we have to do is listen with our hearts, and speak from our souls… and then we will be able to experience that magic called love!

    HUGS to you for this beeeee-youuu-tiful poem, my dear..


  7. may i just say “what she said” ~ Cyn said it perfectly. there’s always a risk of love being an illusion, isn’t there? or turning into an illusion.


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